Justin Timberlake wins the Indianapolis 500

I did not see Justin Timberlake at race events this weekend, but he was still a huge presence. How? It was all due to Dan Wheldon and #98 car. Thanks to a wreck during the 200th lap, Wheldon pulled out his second 500 win. The car he was driving had a splattering of sponsors. The most visible was the sponsorship of William Rast. William Rast is the luxury clothing company founded by Timberlake and Trace Ayala, in 2005. Timberlake even gave a tweet shout out about it.

It is very encouraging to see such a fashion sponsorship in the IZOD racing series. When I saw that the William Rast car won the 500, I knew I wanted to share how cool it is for the fashion scene. The luxury denim company of William Rast adds a new element to the Indianapolis 500 scene. But who is William Rast, and why does he look so good being rugged?

The brand gives us a bad boy with the gorgeous girlfriend, living the crazy life, and looking hot while doing it. Timberlake and Ayala have created the man that everyone wants to be around. The William Rast label has all the favorite items for any man, and is perfect for the Midwestern guy. The brand is known for its luxury denim. The price tag for a pair of the Williams Rast denim is $128 to $225. I love that the denim does not have bold decorative stitching, but instead has stitching on the back pockets that adds style. Remember guys, bold and bright does not equal style and fashion forward. The great thing about the denim is its versatility. The denim does not have crazy stitching and embellishment, but you can still wear it as a dressed up look. You could also take the same denim and wear a basic William Rast t-shirt, scarf, and leather jacket and be the cool guy about to start trouble. Timberlake plays the role of Williams Rast in the videos on the website, and watching them helps give a good idea on the brand.

The brand is available locally at Nordstroms and Saks 5th Avenue. The average guy is probably not able to afford some of William Rast pieces, but here is what to take away from the brand. Keep your denim simple, people! Focus on the fit of the denim over its details. William Rast also has t-shirts and button down shirts. If you can’t afford William Rast right now, I recommend at least checking out the website to get inspiration on how to combine the different pieces and accessories. The William Rast man is a worthy inspiration for your upcoming shopping trips!

Congrats to Justin Timberlake on your Indianapolis 500 sponsorship win. Weldon accepted his prize and was honored at the annual celebration gala last night in Indianapolis. He was also rumored to be rocking a pair of the Williams Rast denim – can anyone confirm?

Meantime, I’m looking forward to seeing which fashion sponsorships will be around for the Indianapolis 500 next year!


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