Jonathan Brooks’ Guide to Indy Eats

Chef Jonathan Brooks of the Milktooth fame needs no introduction. If you don’t know who he is, you can educate yourself here, here and here! While Jon’s been busy working on his next (highly anticipated!) eatery, we thought we’d pick his brain about the places he likes to chow down at when he’s off the clock.

Unsurprisingly, Brooks is quite well-versed in the art of dining out. Here are his “blowin up” spots to eat and drink in Indianapolis.

From Recess to Boogie Burger as we all know there have been far too many restaurant closings of late. In the spirit of playing things a bit less close to the vest, here are 5 of my favorite restaurants that you might have missed.

Bosphorus Cafe (935 S East St, Indianapolis)

photo by Faith Blackwell

I love ducking into this place alone in the evening when im feeling lazy or sad, its warm, and the hummus platter and dolmas are an obviously delicious choice but the Kofte, Stuffed Eggplant, and Sultans Delight are even better.

Fitzgeralds Lunch House (9130 Otis Ave, Lawrence)

A great place to grab lunch before or after a brisk hike around Fort Harrison State Park.

The Mac n Cheese, the chili, the Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding and the Cuban sandwich are all served with a side of friendly sarcasm and weirdness.

Tian Fu Asian Bistro 3508 W 86th St, Indianapolis

At first glance you might pass this place by as another basic strip mall Chinese American joint…and the normal menu is not too far off from just that but ask for the ‘other’ dogeared paper menu and enjoy Ants Climbing a Tree (sichuan glass noodles with ground pork), West Lake Beef Soup, Dried Tofu Stir Fry with Leeks, or Crispy Pigs Ear Salad.

Jamaican Style Jerk 7023 Michigan Road, Indianapolis

My boy and me love the braised oxtail, rice and peas, fried plantains, and jerk chicken but what I can’t get enough of is the hot jerk sauce that’s served on the side and good on everything.

Tlaolli 2830 E Washinton St, Indianapolis

Small menu that is very fresh and simple. I love the black bean and avocado torta, the turkey tamale, and the mix and match taco plate! Make sure to peek in next door and see what’s going on at Cathead Press!

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