Jeremiah answers your summer style questions!

I asked my social media followers to send me their fashion and style questions to answer here. Follow me on twitter, and I will answer your questions too. To help the “Men’s fashion revolution”, we need to get the men’s fashion conversation started. So send me your Men’s fashion and style questions, and I will give you an answer.

Q: “My boyfriend lives in his flip flops during the summer months. Any suggestions for some stylish options?”
A: Well, I hope the boyfriend’s toes are ready for the world to see. It is very common for guys to forget about their feet when it comes to grooming. You can tell a lot about someone based upon their foot upkeep, so don’t be going around scaring people, okay? And thankfully, there are some great options for summer foot wear for men. My recommendation is to have three styles of shoes for your boyfriend; A graphic flip flop, A leather sandal, and a boat shoe. A graphic or patterned flip flop is perfect for the casual option. It is like the sneaker for summer, and almost all major brands has an option for men. Pacsun offers some good graphic options. You can pair the graphic flip flop with a colored cotton pant and T-shirt. I would never recommend wearing a flip flop to a dressy event, but a nice leather sandal is good for a casual social gathering. Pair it with a simple dark denim and a short sleeve button down shirt. It would work for wearing to a barbeque or an outdoor party. The other option is growing back into popularity, the boat shoe. Don’t worry about conforming to the hipster culture. The boat shoe is a classic for summer culture. A boat shoe you can wear with almost anything, and the fact that they just slip on is a great alternative to the flip flop. If you really want to be fancy this summer, pair the shoe with a summer suit. Oh and ladies don’t feel left out. Check out Sunday’s Indianapolis star, when I give some fashion shoe advice for the ladies too.

Q: “I am going to Florida for vacation, what swim trunks should I pack?”
A: I hear the man thong is coming back into style. Haha! The biggest style “no-no” for swimwear is the classic board-short. Go ahead and leave the board-shorts at your high school spring break hotel. To clarify what a board-short is, they are the cargo short of swimwear. I am a fan of the shorter short styles. The shorter style is more flattering for guys too. The longer the short, the shorter you look.  My top pick for swimwear is the “Penguin ‘scalloped’ Volley” style, which is available at Nordstrom. The classic style of the Penguin brand is a great style option for men.  Add a linen button down shirt and a pair of boat shoes, and you have a dope beach or pool look.

Q: “My girlfriend is throwing an outdoor dinner party and told me I had to dress-up, what should I wear?”
A: Look at the Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2011 collection. For some reason, I am a huge fan of the looks. The collection is young, fresh, and full of energy. The perfect outfit recommendation would be green or red cotton pants, white, short sleeve button down with epaulets on shoulder, and boat shoes. You are going to want to look for thin weight cotton shirts and pants. The color pallette is bright. Don’t be afraid to add color to your bottoms. Brown and denim aren’t going to cut it this summer. You are going to want a green, peach, or a sun-bleached pant. Sun-bleaching makes your pants look like they have been sitting in the sun for a while. It gives that whole tropical island vibe.

If you have a fashion or style question, you can email me at or follow me on twitter.

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