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I have selected three questions that were submitted by my twitter followers to post. I always enjoy the dialog and sometimes banter I get to have with my followers. I sporadically ask my followers to submit their fashion related questions to me. I use some of them as inspiration for future posts. Then there are the questions that I feel would be good questions that should be made public. I selected three of my recent favorites:

Dear @_jeremiah_
My boyfriend grew up on a classic Indiana farm. He now lives and works downtown [Indianapolis], and brought the farm wardrobe with him. Help me!
Photo: Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

First I have to show respect to the farm culture in Indiana.  My grandparents lived on farmland in southern Indiana. As a little kid, I got to drive one of those large John Deer tractors. Most of my favorite childhood memories involve the summers spent at the house on top of the hill overlooking soybeans, corn, and the hog farm.

I know personally that Tractor Supply has a limited selection of clothing for men. That being said, a wardrobe built around the farm lifestyle has no place outside of a farm. You can’t expect to change a man’s entire philosophy on style overnight, or by moving to an urban environment. Baby steps! For example I give you an inspiration picture from the Ralph Lauren Fall 2011 collection.

I am going to take a huge bet that there are a few plaid shirts in your man’s closet. Tractor Supply has been selling plaid shirts before they were a hit on the runway. The good thing is that plaid shirts are a good base for some fashionable fall looks. The largest challenge will be attempting to get the guy to wear a neck tie. A coordinating plaid tie will add a runway feel to his favorite plaid shirt. Layer over the shirt with a v neck sweater, be cautious however on the material of the sweater. Nothing high maintenance for the “fashion beginner”; go with a cotton blend. A neutral color of gray or black is best for maximum fashion options. The final updating that might need to be done is the denim. I recommend a dark straight-leg denim.

Designers like Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, and Calvin Klein are great resources for fashion ideas. Feel free to also leave an issue of Details or GQ around as a subtle hint. Just remember to embrace the uniqueness of your boyfriend. Don’t try to change him with fashion, but let the fashion add to his personality and uniqueness.

 Dear @_jeremiah_
 I need a new men’s mag to read. Something besides Details and GQ … suggestions???? 

I like to read Details and GQ magazine, but I do agree a broader selection is always a good thing. Check out Metro pop , Complex, or Vice magazines. Although I love their online content, actually purchasing a glossy magazine is a little more exciting. The growing number of quality fashion blogs and on-line only magazines have enhanced the men’s fashion content. The list of blogs or online magazines are too numerous to list. Try searching for your favorite writers on twitter. It is an easy way for writers and content providers to share links to some of their favorite articles. Blog host Tumblr is a great resource for visual fashion content. I would also hope that you are sharing your favorite Indianapolis Fashion Collective articles with your fashion friends!


Dear @_jeremiah_
It’s Nordstrom’s last day 🙁 A loss for men’s fashion. What are men going to do? 

The loss of the downtown Nordstrom location is a total fashion set-back for Indianapolis men. Nordstrom offered a resource to purchase great pieces for their wardrobe, not available at most other stores. I tend to be an optimist in my outlook on change.  The positive side is that a Nordstrom Rack  will be coming soon to the northeast side. As for the old Nordstrom space at the Circle City Mall, everyone is wondering who could take over such a huge space. The rumors are flying! A college? a Macy’s? A Target? I get asked about those all the time. The funny thing is that I don’t have any special knowledge that is not open to the public. No one will know until it actually happens. I have hopes that whatever ends up filling that large space, offers quality fashion for men. The shopping options for men at Circle Center sadly keep shrinking. So keep your fingers crossed!

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