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On occasion I get asked fashion and style questions that range in topic. It’s one of those things that once people know that I contribute to Pattern as well as my own blog, they come to me with their questions and ask for advice. I haven’t done it in a while, so I decided that after an eventful Memorial day weekend I would post some of the recent ones. If you have questions or want advice from some professionals you can tweet to @Patternindy or send it my way @_Jeremiah_. Pattern has a great network of diverse resources to get your questions answered.


Question: “Is it ok for guys to wear carpenter jeans while not at work?” (Backstory: One of my lovely twitter followers asked to connect over this past weekend. I always love meeting people I know on social networks in real life. Thing is the ladies know I write about men’s fashion and style, so they keep asking me to have “style” chats with their guys. This can be terribly awkward for both me and the boyfriend, so I’ve become really good at getting out of the situation. This particular young lady probably figured that I’d find a way to get out of it, so she just brought her carpenter jean wearing man without warning. Awkward or not, I had to set this guy straight!)

ANSWER: It is never okay to wear carpenter jeans unless you are, in fact, a carpenter, and even then you should get a tool belt to hold your hammer. Gentleman denim is a staple in our wardrobe. If you are old enough to be drinking in a bar, you are old enough to wear quality denim. Quality denim doesn’t have to mean expensive. I have denim from a few places. Big Star, Express, Free World, and H&M are the top brands I personally wear. More important than the brand are 3 things: Color, Fit/cut, and Detail. A guy should have at least 3 washes of denim: dark denim, light wash denim, and a gray or black denim. The fit should be a fit that is a proper length and isn’t to baggy in the leg. More important is the cut of denim. A straight leg is generally the most flexible and flattering fit for most body types. Stay away from the ultra slim leg denim if you are over the age of 18. Shorter guys should not wear boot cut denim because it makes them appear shorter. The detail of the denim is important based upon where you are wearing them. The more detail the more casual the look. Wearing a blazer with holey denim does not make the denim acceptable for anything other than an Abercrombie ad.


QUESTION:  “What is the summer trend you are looking forward to?”

ANSWER: Summer is always a challenging time when it comes to accessories for guys. We are just starting what is sure to be a very hot and humid summer. Guys wearing anything more than a T shirt is a bonus. There is however one trend that I like a lot. It is the bandana around the neck. This trend has been around for a bit but just now starting to get a buzz on a larger scale. It’s a really cool look that I find looks best with another hot item for summer a chambray shirt. The good thing about this look is that you can really mix it up depending on the color and texture of the bandana.


Question: This next question actually inspired me to write a whole post about it on my personal blog. I was talking to someone about branding and my personal motto for networking. Within the conversation I brought up the importance that image plays in branding, at least from my point of view. I was asked in the conversation, “… what would be on the top of your list to not wear for a business casual event?”

 ANSWER: I could talk about this for a while so I am going to try and keep it short. A lot of companies put a lot of emphasis and effort into their branding. A very important and necessary step. However, for some reason, when it comes to business events most business teams look like they are a part of a weird, pleated dockers and polo shirts with the company logo cult. Talk about blah! and totally forgettable.

Did you know that Martha Steward has her entire team wear a uniform, but a uniform that uses stylish pieces within the same color family as her branding. The reason I like this is because individually a person could go and independently represent the brands aesthetic without wearing a huge logo on a polo shirt. As a group however they could be picked out in a crowd due to the image and branding connection. If you’re old school and doing a meet and greet in a hotel conference room with coffee and donuts then wear the pleated dockers and polo. However, if you are really engaging with your clients or at a networking event, then opt for a fashionable outfit that fits the style and aesthetic of the company. My advice is go with a well put together outfit and use the company color for an accent piece like a pocket square, lapel detail, or watch. Just don’t expect to leave a lasting impression with your old school docker and polo uniform. It’s the “New Business Casual

What advice would you give if you were me? Tweet us @Patternindy or leave a comment.

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