Interview with David Anspaugh and Angelo Pizzo

For our Milestone Issue, how could we not take the opportunity to chat with two guys who, thirty years ago, made a movie that is now widely seen as one of the greatest sports films ever made? Hoosiers tells the story of a small-town Indiana high school basketball team that wins the state championship. It is loosely based on the Milan High School team that won a state championship against a much bigger and better equipped rival. As it turns out, Indiana basketball was more of a story device and not the central point of the movie; I, like many others, had always though of the film as a sort of underdog, David-and-Goliath piece, so it was illuminating to chat with David and Angelo, and get the full story.

The bulk of the interview can be found in our newest issue, but here, thanks to the talented folks at Bayonet, are some video clips from my conversation with movie’s writer and director. Check it out!

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