Internship Diary: When Old Becomes New

Growing up, I always thought I lived in a city that didn’t have much of a creative culture or community. I was always passionate about fashion and artistic industries and believed I wouldn’t find any related opportunities near home. After getting rejected from what had been a dream fashion internship, I was crushed. I told myself I would never get an opportunity to work in a creative environment doing something I was so interested in. It wasn’t until I stumbled across PATTERN magazine that I realized Indianapolis has more to offer than I ever gave it credit for. I landed an interview and nervously awaited to hear back. After hearing that I was granted the opportunity to be a PATTERN intern, I realized you don’t always have to travel far to experience something new. I had driven past the office where I would spend my summer countless times without ever knowing all that I would soon learn. During my time at PATTERN, I got to try a multitude of new types of work, meet people that I will never forget and experience a city I’ve lived in my entire life in a completely new point of view (AKA pair of shoes. What? I had to do some shopping for the first day.)

Meeting those that are involved with this organization and getting to see just how many creative individuals make up the Indianapolis community, I discovered a side to a place I had known all my life that I had never experienced before. I got to attend events, talk to new people and visit local businesses that are all geared towards promoting and supporting the Indianapolis arts community. Never have I felt so cool to say I live in Indianapolis.

PATTERN also gave me the opportunity to try tasks that I never had never even considered being interested in. I discovered an interest in graphic design, learned more about web design and different internet platforms that I now can put towards any future endeavors and got to actually play a role in planning meetups and events. At PATTERN you will never just be the intern getting coffee. I can wholeheartedly say that every person I had the pleasure of working with this summer was heard, valued and incorporated into major aspects of this organization while making long-lasting connections in this amazing city.

I cannot thank PATTERN enough for bringing me to new connections and interests. But most importantly, I thank PATTERN for helping me to appreciate the city that I always judged too harshly. Step into the office of PATTERN magazine, and you just might be lucky enough to become a part of the big family that gets to call Indianapolis home.

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