Internship Diary: The Unconventional & Extraordinary

Photo by Pride Inman | Edited by Kylie McNutt

I wasn’t exactly sure what to think when I applied for my internship at PATTERN, especially after interviewing with the woman who wears cat ears on her head. I would later discover that this woman was Polina Osherov, PATTERN Magazine’s editor-in-chief. I was intimidated and nervous at first, but that all melted away after our first day. This internship gave me opportunities, connections and new friends. The corona virus may have cut our time to create and spend together shorter, but I now have several ideas for the future. PATTERN is a place of the unconventional and extraordinary, a place I felt a sense of belonging.

During my time at PATTERN, I doubled as a photographer and a journalist. I didn’t have any experience whatsoever with studio photography at the beginning, but absolutely fell in love with fashion photography by the end of our time in the studio. I had the freedom to choose my backgrounds, lighting and had beautiful models to shoot. Photographing models weekly was probably my favorite part of the experience, besides the friendships I formed. I also had the opportunity to interview and photograph people in the fashion world and create real connections with these people. Even though I don’t see a future for myself in fashion photography, I definitely learned a lot and am excited to be more creative with shoots in the future.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 entered the United States, causing a quarantine and eventually the state of Indiana issued a lockdown order in the midst of all the fun. I inevitably felt like the pandemic robbed me of opportunities to improve and learn more at my internship. I have used the last several weeks of this internship working and finding ways to be creative while at home. I look forward to working with the people of PATTERN in the future. I definitely recommend applying to work with the woman with cat ears 😉

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