Internship Diary: Thank You PATTERN

[dropcap letter=”F”]inding the words to express just how much this internship meant to me is an incredible challenge. I come from a very small town so being submerged in downtown Indy and having been surrounded by the many talented people Indiana has to offer was mind boggling in the best of ways.

Growing up my passions and interests seemed so different from those around me, but PATTERN gave me a place where I belonged and showed me that I am in the field I am supposed to be in. Everyone could use some extra reassurance and boy was I glad to find it. I also found a group of young individuals with amazing skill sets. I had the pleasure of getting to know all of them and I am beyond excited to witness the greatness they will sprinkle all over this world.

Mostly PATTERN showed me my strengths and my weaknesses. I am leaving knowing all of things I need to work on, but also leaving with knowing to hold my head up high and to always be confident in my work. I owe all of that to Polina. If you ever see Polina out in public be sure to not only say hello, but to ask her for any life advice she can think of at the moment. You will not regret it! The woman is beyond wise and I loved having any interaction with her.

There isn’t another work environment out there quite like PATTERN. You are given wonderful guidance and assigned some tasks, but mostly you have total creative freedom with your work. This allowed me to push myself, but within my limits, still staying fairly comfortable.

Being a stylist, I have always brought photographers ideas to life and PATTERN allowed me to have the opportunity to shed the light on some of my own. Fashion Editorials are possibly as stressful as planning your wedding, but the outcome is a true treasure. A beautiful moment captured in time, created by so many dedicated and splendid individuals. I still get overwhelmingly happy at the end of every shoot and also in the moment of seeing it all come to life. It is truly magnificent.

PATTERN put a little extra pep in the steps of this 20-year-old, small town, dork of a gal. I am beyond sad this journey ended so soon, but at the same time I am ready to put all of the skills they taught me to use! They made me even more excited of what all is to come in life. I am forever grateful, thankful and humble to have had this experience. I look forward to supporting, keeping up with and being lifelong friends with the dazzling PATTERN crew, the place that makes Indiana shine.

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