Internship Diary: Seeing Indy Through a New Lens

I do not consider myself a great writer, or a writer at all, but here I am trying to put together a blog post to upload to the internet for anyone to read! This perfectly sums up my time here at PATTERN – a constant challenge that encouraged me to go outside my comfort zone both professionally and creatively.

Although I’ve lived in Indianapolis my entire life, it was not until this summer that I felt involved and aware of the creative community. Growing up here, I’ve always been aware of the great restaurants and the fun attractions downtown, but I have never felt up to date with local events, art shows, etc. My experience at PATTERN has made me so much more aware of the fashion, art and culture in the city that I call home.

Not only did I make great friends and connections through my time at PATTERN, but I was also able to contribute my work to something that made me feel proud. Collaborating with my fellow interns as well as local models, artists, musicians, etc. allowed me to learn more about the creators in Indy.

I’ve been in love with art, specifically photography, for the majority of my life. My time at PATTERN allowed me to expand my experience and knowledge of editorial and fashion photography. I had such a great time shooting everything from test shoots to story covers to my own editorial project. The independence that PATTERN provided the interns gave me the freedom to push myself not only in my work for the magazine, but in my own professional practice. At work I was surrounded by talented, hardworking people that made me want to push my limits.

I have found a new, greater appreciation for Indianapolis as a city for young creatives. I am very thankful for my experience here at PATTERN and the personal growth that this position allowed.

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