Internship Diary: Life Happens Wherever You Are

[dropcap letter=”M”]y summer at PATTERN as a photography and videography intern has completely changed the way I view the big, scary world we live in. A few months ago, I thought this opportunity would have never presented itself to me due to the pandemic. When I emailed my professor about the internship, his exact words were, “Really? It’s still happening? You’re very lucky!.” He was right. 

If I could sum up my experience in one word, it would be, “evolutionary”. Walking into the office for the first day three months ago, I had little, “real world” experience under my belt. Though my portfolio was good, it consisted of projects I did with classmates or friends for fun. I didn’t think I was cut out for the work I was tasked with at PATTERN, until I proved myself wrong. My confidence in my work and abilities evolved tremendously over the last few months as the internship pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught me I am capable of anything. 

PATTERN really exposed me to the creative community in Indy, which seemed like a pipe-dream before I came here. You’ll hear many people say they thought they’d have to move out of the Midwest to find good creative work and like-minded individuals and I was one of those people. However, I now realize just how vast that community is here in Indiana and that gives me hope for what we could be in the future. Through Pattern, I have met so many incredible Indy artists who make me appreciate the city so much more. That and given the opportunity to explore the city while practicing my craft made for an unforgettable summer. 

My view of the world around me has evolved through the connections I’ve made with artists and fellow interns I have met through PATTERN. They have inspired me in so many ways and seeing everyone build one another up helped me believe in myself enough to give this internship my all and for the evolutionary summer PATTERN gave me, I will forever be grateful. 

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