Internship Diary Keep Moving Forward

Photograph by Sarah Currinder

It doesn’t matter what you want out of life, staying motivated and maintaining momentum to reach a goal is one of the most difficult things a person can do. As a photographer and entrepreneur, I’ve always moved forward despite not having a clear pathway to success. However, staying motivated without direction can easily begin to feel like a fruitless journey. Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, I struggled with figuring out what the next step was in my journey. Indianapolis isn’t particularly rife with opportunity, and once I found the PATTERN internship, I made it a point to apply because I felt as though it would be a good opportunity.

My time at PATTERN has proven to be helpful. It’s given me perspective as to what I can do to improve and what steps I should take in order to reach my goal. Through this internship, I was able to create personal projects and build my portfolio. I feel as though I’m in a better position now and have the knowledge to do what I wasn’t able to in the past.

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