Internship Diary: Coffee is Life

[dropcap letter=”W”]hat are some of the things you think of when interning for a fashion magazine? For me it is coffee, a creative space, and original people. Let me tell you, PATTERN did not disappoint. This summer I was able to be a social media intern at PATTERN Magazine and it was incredible. 

Coffee was truly my fuel for Summer 2020; There was always a fresh pot in the office and with a Starbucks around the corner, it was hard to not get hooked. I know you are all wondering what my go to Starbs order is – but I can’t give away all my secrets! 

Now, there are several work spaces in the office, but I was a firm couch stan for the summer. It gave a great view of the studio space where I could see the photography and styling interns hard at work. It also gave me some needed back support, and of course, some comfort. 

Onto the people of PATTERN: Let me just say, I am totally biased, because I love my intern class, just to get that out of the way. The interns I got to work with this summer are so talented in their various fields and crafts. It was amazing to sit across the room and be able to ask for their advice and hone our skills together. The fellows and Polina are of course amazing as well! It really is the people who made this internship so valuable and fun. 

At this point, I know you must be wondering what I actually did this summer, so let me tell you! I was given the autonomy to start a PATTERN Intern Instagram – yes, that is a shameless plug. I was also able to cover and get behind the scenes of model and editorial photoshoots. Let us not forget Sam and I worked on the Google Ads for PATTERN and tracked social media analytics and gleaned insight from the findings. I was also able to collaborate with fellow interns on numerous projects and tasks.

For now, this is Fritzfashion, signing off of PATTERN Magazine. 

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