Internship Diary: Back Again

Some people may wonder why I chose to come back to Pattern for a second internship. I remember when I was considering asking to come back, people told me that I probably got everything I needed from the organization and that it was time to move on. But, I knew that I still had more to learn…and I was right. I came into this internship last time with next to no knowledge on the fashion industry, and though I learned a lot last time, I knew Pattern could provide me with the resources to learn even more and perfect the craft I had developed in the summer session. 

This time around, I was able to not only do what I did last time, but do it better. I could tell my skills had made it to the next level as I was able to plan shoots with less stress, pick out clothing items out of my comfort zone, and come up with concepts I was incredibly proud of each time. I also wanted to come back because I wanted to focus on something different than the first time … well, partially. I still kept with styling, but instead of event management, I did social media this time around and am so glad I chose to because I have found a strong interest in the social media world. This internship has given me a more clear picture of what I want in a career by showing me not only what I am interested in, but what kind of culture I want to be a part of. Pattern has been such a great experience because every Tuesday and Thursday I get to work with hard-working, creative individuals. But, what makes it even better, is the laughs that are shared and the support that is given from each member of the team. 

I am truly going to miss Pattern, as I feel at home here. It is a creative space unlike any other that I’ve had the blessing to have access to. The friends and mentors I have made through this experience will stay with me for a long time to come and I could not be more thankful that I heard about Pattern and took the step to apply last summer. I am even more thankful, though, that Pattern took a chance on a girl who knew nothing about fashion. Like I said in my first exit post, before this internship, I was solely making outfit combinations on an app on my phone. It’s crazy to see where I am today compared to then. I have learned and grown so much and I will forever remember my time here and the impact it has had on my life. 

Bye for now Pattern, love you always! <3

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