Internship Diary: An Eye Opening Experience

[dropcap letter=”I”] have always had a passion for fashion. I would practice my smize and model walk as I watched America’s Next Top Model and would sketch designs on my math homework throughout elementary school. My goal has always been to move to New York and work in the fashion industry, but I have never found exactly where I fit into the industry.

Last January, I was looking for a summer internship in Indianapolis to get ahead in my studies(actually, so I did not have to go home to the middle of nowhere all summer). One of my professors knew that I had an interest in the fashion industry and provided me with information on the PATTERN internship program. I know two previous interns that are both incredibly talented and creative so I was unsure if I should apply because to me it seemed like they were more qualified. After looking through the website, I knew that PATTERN was the place for me and decided to apply.

The day of the interview, I was so nervous and had no clue what to expect walking into the doors of PATTERN. As I arrived into the industrial warehouse vibe space, I saw multiple other interviewees. A group interview?! I freaked out and during the interview, I realized that I was a lot younger and not as qualified as the other creatives. After not hearing back for a few weeks, I accepted the fact that I most likely did not get the position. I grieved every time I saw a new Instagram post of the lost opportunity until I got the email asking me to accept the position! My dream came true!

I have always thought of fashion and creativity primarily being housed in big cities like New York or Milan, but this internship opened my eyes. Being able to meet so many creative individuals here in Indianapolis and be a part of a company as amazing as PATTERN has been the experience of a lifetime. PATTERN is a big city quality publication based in a Midwestern city, so it was incredible to be able to intern for such a professional publication right here in Indy.

During my time at PATTERN, I have had the opportunity to form connections with all sorts of creatives in Indianapolis. I have been able to see how cool Indy really is and I am so proud to call this city my home. I have interviewed individuals in all walks of lives that are making it happen right here in Indianapolis, just like PATTERN. From bloggers, to designers and DJs, to models, this internship has opened my eyes to all of the creative opportunities that Indy hosts.

My goal for this internship was to find me. To find where I fit into this industry and life. Although I have not exactly found my niche, I have been exposed to a plethora of careers that I would have never considered. I am truly thankful for that opportunity and cannot wait to hone in on my true passions after learning so much. PATTERN has opened my mind to the creative opportunities in Indianapolis and all kinds of careers that I would have never considered. The quality of this magazine is unmatched and the relationships that I have formed during my time here have been amazing. I cannot wait to continue exploring Indianapolis and myself and I contribute this eye opening journey to PATTERN and my summer internship.

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