Internship Diary: A Summer in Indy

It was a chilly day in early March, and gray clouds cluttered the evening sky. I found myself running down Mass Ave, a street I wasn’t all that familiar with at the time. I wore a blue sportcoat, a button down shirt, jeans, and some desert boots. I accidentally parked several blocks away from my interview. I approached a building that had PATTERN written in the windows just after 5 o’clock. Flustered and out of breath, I opened the glass door to see a group of people circled around a table. The group interview was already in process.

Fast forward to today, a rainy afternoon in August. I hear a steady hum of traffic on Allisonville Rd as I sit at my computer and reflect on my internship. One of my first memorable experiences with PATTERN was the meetup with Cey Adams, a visual artist from New York City. It was really inspiring to hear him tell stories of New York in the 80s as he transitioned from a graffiti artist to an in-demand graphic designer for the hip hop community.

I also had several memorable experiences as a photographer during the internship. I shot photos of Yoni and Geti, Good Old War, Blitzen Trapper, Lera Lynn, and Panama Wedding all at the Hi-Fi in Fountain Square. I shot street style at Zoobilation, a black-tie fundraiser for animal conservation at the Indianapolis Zoo. I collaborated with other interns on a style guide for the Indy 500 as well as the fourth of July. I also assisted for local photographer, Steve Brokaw, at his studio. Each of these experiences came with unique challenges, and I feel that I have learned a lot from them.

As my internship with PATTERN comes to a close, I am grateful for the experiences I’ve had. I think I’m more knowledgeable about photography and fashion, and I’ve met some great people along the way. Interning at PATTERN has made me feel more in tune with the creative community in Indianapolis and has allowed me to see the potential of this city. Indy seems really familiar now, and I no longer get lost on Mass Ave.

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