Internship Diary: A New Outlook

This internship is by far one of the best experiences I have ever had. Having participated in various internships prior, Pattern is by far my favorite. This summer I worked as a Journalism and Social Media intern, through which I learned so much about myself, my home (Indianapolis), and the industry.

Being a fashion minor, my career goal is to work as a public relations/social media/communications specialist for a fashion brand/company/publication. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten. Very specific right? As I get more experience in different areas, I am working on narrowing that goal. Nonetheless, I like the idea of leaving my options open. I don’t want to be dead-set on one specific career, with fear that I may end up doing something completely different.

For this reason, I loved that this internship gave me the opportunity to explore different avenues underneath the umbrella of communications and fashion. I assisted with social media posting and scheduling, assisted in styling, wrote tons of articles and more. I was able to explore a side of journalism, through fashion and art, which I don’t usually get to do at school. I am leaving this internship feeling as if I have gained real world experience that I can apply to my career.

Prior to this internship, I was so ready to get out of Indianapolis. I felt I would find better fashion, experiences and entertainment elsewhere. Now, 12 weeks later, I have an appreciation and a curiosity for the fashion, food, and entertainment Indianapolis has to offer. I realized that if I step out of my comfortable bubble, and be more open, I’d be more exposed to new things. I once read a quote that said “Success doesn’t come from your comfort zone.” There are actually quite a few opportunities available in Indianapolis in the industry.

My favorite experience of the summer was being the assistant stylist for the STREETExPO digital fashion show. I have always wanted to get involved in the fashion industry but never really knew how. Through my role in the shoot I had the opportunity to put together streetwear outfits using the brands featured in Pattern’s annual Street Expo. Seeing the outfits come to life through the video was amazing.

Over the past few weeks I have built meaningful professional relationships and friendships with the others in the office. I really valued working with such creative and visionary individuals who drove me to push myself further. This internship allowed me to find my voice and see that I am completely capable and qualified to be where I want to be. It’s about having the confidence to speak up and show what I can do.

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