Internship Diary: A Lesson in Team Work

During the fall of my junior year at Ball State University, I knew it was about time for me to begin looking for internships. Having a major in photo and a minor in fashion, I really wanted to find one that combined both. Knowing how hard that might be, I took a deep breath, crossed my fingers, and typed “fashion in Indiana” into the Google search bar. Lucky for me, Pattern Magazine was the first option I found upon searching. With an interest submission and a group interview, I was in! And ever since day one, I have believed they knew that one day I would be coming for them, a true dream of an internship.

Having only been a photo major for a short, two semesters, I was shocked to have been accepted as a photo intern, but I came in with an open mind and eventually worked on a project that would put my confidence higher than it ever had been. Julie Valentine, fellow photo intern, and I decided towards the end of the internship that we wanted to co-create an editorial shoot of our own. With us both loving the minimalism look and wearing all black on a constant, we came up with the idea of a head-to-toe all black shoot. After gathering our own clothes, styling them on our intern friend, Christel Richard, and choosing locations, we were off. We stayed in the Mass Ave/downtown Indy area, choosing locations that fit each style we created. During the editing process, I really saw how well the partnership worked with Julie through the photos. Suggesting posing and locations for each of our own shots and giving words of encouragement and praise helped to create a proud outcome. Learning how to work with another creative and bring both of our styles and personalities into a shoot is something I will treasure for years to come.

Although my time at Pattern ended a bit sooner than the other interns, I left with new photos and skills to add to my résumé, networking skills, new contacts in the industry, and most of all, new friendships and people I can create with in the future are all things I gained this summer. Thanks to everyone that helped along the way!

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