Intern Styling 101: Rachel Zoe Inspired

Always impeccably dressed from her heels to her perfectly styled hair, Rachel Zoe is no doubt an “it girl” of LA and beyond. As a fashion designer and stylist Rachel has become a powerful businesswoman, known for her influence within the fashion community and her A-list clients.

In today’s Intern Styling 101, Alex Belden shares how she is influenced by Rachel and tips on bringing her glamorous look into an everyday wardrobe.

Christel Richard: How would you describe Rachel’s signature style and why is she your style icon?

Alex Belden: I would describe her style as boho-chic. She gets a lot of inspiration from the 60s and 70s and wears a lot of flowy clothing. I think that her idea of style is different than a lot of other people’s because she bases her style off the fact that you don’t have to wear skin tight and revealing clothing to look good.

CR: Rachel is 44 years old, what are some tips you have for keeping her look youthful and accessible for college students?

AB: Try and stick with current trends, right now neutral colors are really in, and put your own twist on it. I like to shop at Forever21 because they offer a wide variety of items, including bohemian- esque pieces.

CR: What are the top 5 accessories you incorporate into your own wardrobe to emulate Rachel’s style?

AB: Round sunnies for sure, long necklaces for layering, a big floppy sun hat, neutral sandals, and dainty rings.




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