Indy Fashion Time Preview

by Dlang

Hello Fashion World! My name is Dlang, and I’m a fashion designer and the producer of IFT (Indy Fashion Time).

I’m extremely impressed and motivated by the growth of the fashion industry here in Indiana. When I started producing runway shows over 12 years ago, the industry in Indiana was extremely difficult. There was just a lack of opportunities, especially for a teenager like myself. I didn’t care; I just knew I wanted to be in fashion.  I remember going to shows and ooooohing over creations by Thierry Baptiste, Nikki Blaine, and Cc.elaine.

To find my niche, I learned how to sew and started producing shows locally. I also traveled to LA, Chicago, Kentucky, and Atlanta to do shows.  Whether I was a personal assistant, “coffee-getter”, coordinator, stylist, or model, 99% of it was free work. It didn’t bother me because it was all about learning and networking.

I liked what other cities had to offer in fashion and wanted to do my part to bring opportunities to Indiana. I was struggling with the need to purchase equipment and pay for shows, but I wanted to do something that could help and give back to designers.

So, Indy Fashion Time was created and has now been active for nearly four years. IFT is an annual event held the 1st week of June to kick off the summer.  I am thankful for all the love and support we are receiving from both inside and outside the state. The show is expensive, but with personal savings, along with the support from the community and local businesses, the show has again received a Proclamation from the City of Indianapolis recognizing IFT from May 31- June 4th.

We have a great line up this year. We will open up with IFT Night-Fashion Movement on the Indianapolis Cana l with a performance by Harpist, Stephanie Newberry Hall. The week will continue with a three day youth Fashion Challenge, called “Style Evolve”. Events conclude with IFT’S Grand Finale show “Impact on the Runway” held at the Grand Hall of the Indiana State Fair Grounds. Guests can shop with exhibitors, attend workshops, network, and witness the 4th annual designer competition.

Check out June 4th Schedule:

4:40pm -7:40pm WORKSHOPS

  • Marketing/Branding yourself & business with Elisabeth Barton of Life of Leo Designs
  • Body Altering Experience with Cathy Fritsch of Sweet Revenge
  • Model Workshop with Leslie Turner of LModelz
  • Designer’s World with Celebrity Designer Althea Harper, Project Runway Season 6

7:45pm Networking Reception

8:45pm Designer Competition

This year Baby Lock ( joined the team and is sponsoring Machines as prizes. We also have other great perks and a $1,000 CASH Scholarship.  I’m so excited!!!!! I’m glad I’m not a judge.  We would love for you to get involved and attend.  For more information and ticket purchases visit and “like” Indy Fashion Time World” Facebook page for exclusive updates.

Don’t miss this opportunity to “Experience the passion, art and business of design, at IFT, Indy FASHION Time!

IFT would like to thank its sponsors: Harrison College, Geneva Hair Salon, Fashion Business Incorporated in Los Angeles, Baby Lock, Tyler Mason Salon, Fashion for Profit, Sew News, Jeremiah, Talking Rain, Mini Bar Cakes, Ani Ziemnaik Photography, MUA Re-creations, Aesthetic Design Style, Life of Leo, and Charles Letbetter Photography along with the many others who have embraced the show and blessed us with their time, service, and donations that have aided in the show’s rapid growth.

Dlang graduated from Harrison College with a major in Fashion Merchandising & Business Management. She currently works as a fashion designer and acts as the producer of Indy Fashion Time. IFT proceeds benefit youth and adult educational and learning opportunities through workshops and internships. Dlang is the 2011 Award Recipient for the Goodwill Youth Connections Honor.

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