Indiana University RSO Fashion Show

One of the best ways to spread fashion throughout the Midwest is to get in touch with the style scene at the local universities. Indiana University has stepped up to show their fashion prowess with their April 3 fashion show. Pattern reports on the annual event.

The Indiana University Retail Studies Organization (RSO) once again presented a successful fashion show for 2014. The show featured designs from fourteen students in the fashion design program, each presenting their own collection.

Katie Scott and Katie Clancy, RSO Fashion Show VP’s, organized the show, collaborating with professors and students for the finished product.

“Our show is really unique because it features designs from our own design students,” says Katie Scott. “It also blends well with our apparel merchandising program that kind of sets up the show and our interior design program was also incorporated with our archway.”

This year designers created a collection specifically for the show, as opposed to past years that compiled designs from their entire college career. This made the show more cohesive and allowed the designers to express an entire line with customized music and personal logos projected in the background.

“I’ve never done the show before personally, but I think we were a lot more organized this year,” says Bryn Taubensee, one of the designers. “Our class is really motivated and we all designed looks specifically for the show.”

Other designers, like Dennis Mu, are seasoned veterans of the IU Fashion Show. Dennis presented only two gowns, but he went all out with sheer fabric, detail beading and a perfectly tailored bustle.

“I only put in two looks but those are my heart,” says Dennis. “Those are everything for me. For my last show here I wanted to put in the biggest and most magnificent designs in IU Fashion Show history.”

All of the designs were beautifully done, with painstaking effort by all involved.  Most of the designs are only in the prototype stage due to such a short production time, but they looked flawless on the runway.

“It was kind of surreal,” explains designer Sasha Souki. “There are so many hours put into this and it was only about 15 minutes long, so that was kind of weird to think about.” Souki’s designs were modern minimalist, with simple clean lines yet a structurally interesting shape.

The models, too, were mostly IU students. Most of them had little to no runway experience, but fought through the nerves to present the clothes.  Matthew Neylon for instance has dabbled in modeling but had never done anything for a large runway event.

“It was frightening. At first I was like okay I’m going to be afraid. It was more that I went numb and walked, posed, and walked back. It sounds simple but there’s a lot of fright behind my words,” says Neylon.

Overall the fashion show pulled in about 500 people, with all seats filled and many more standing to see the action. Campus Candy provided goody bags and CollegeFashionista held a photo booth to add a little interactive fun before the event. The show gives us hope for the future of Midwest fashion and plenty of excitement for next year’s fashion show!

Images courtesy of Tyler Zoller.

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