I Will Survive: Female AF Party at Thunderbird

On Thursday, January 19, 2017 Thunderbird will celebrate Indy’s women only as they can! Ash Kane of Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits and bar owner Joshua Gonzales chat with PATTERN about the event.

Lindsay Rosa: How did the idea of this event come about?

Ash Kane: A year or two ago, I had an idea of organizing an event that highlighted some of our talented ladies in the service industry here in Indy. I wanted it to also be an event that would benefit women in our community. I brought the idea to Joshua [Gonzales] in November, soon after election night, and he immediately jumped on board.

Joshua Gonzales: Ash Kane brainstormed an event involving our local female bartender talent about a year ago. The idea lost some steam until we realized it would work as a pre-inauguration pro-female party. All we really wanted to do was give our female guests and industry leaders a place to feel empowered as we all head into an uncertain four years.

img_8977LR: What do you think about women engaging in civic discourse? Why is it important to be involved in politics and voting? 

AK: It is vital. We must protect the rights of our young girls and women, as well as empower them. To do this, I feel we must increase women’s participation and representation in our government. We must also be actively involved in our communities.  

JG: We’ve experienced first hand the bizarre and audacious legislation our elected officials attempt to pass regarding women’s rights. If we are not active and diligent, we run the risk of slowly losing freedom after freedom. It’s our duty to engage and communicate with those we have elected to represent us.

LR: What do you hope guests at take away from the event?

AK: A sense of hope, community, and positivity. (While enjoying some tasty bourbon!)

JG:  Positivity. Positivity. Positivity. That’s the most important thing for me.

LR: Could you provide helpful suggestions for guests to have the best experience at this event?

AK: The event starts at 9 p.m. A portion of the sales will be donated to the Julian Center; however, cash donations will be accepted as well!

JG: Just show up ready to have a killer time. We’ve got a killer playlist prepared, some amazing art work on display and Christina Hale will be a phenomenal speaker.


LR: When you think of women in politics, what comes to your mind?

AK: Not enough women representation!

JG: I’ve the pleasure of working with some incredible women in both politics and in the service industry. However, one person comes to mind that really helped shape me as adult and as a leader. Ellen Whitt was my mentor for several year while I worked in state politics. She’s a walking masters class in political professionalism. She understands that politics is a give and take, that compromise is not a negative, and that an open mind is a powerful tool.

LR: Anything you would like to add or think loyal PATTERN readers would find informative?

AK: There will be a prize giveaway presented by Campari and Wild Turkey.

The evening will include music, original art, dancing, engaging guest speakers, and refreshing drink specials. Most importantly, guests will learn about how they can support organizations whose mission is to support and protect your lawful rights. Talented bartenders at the Thunderbird event will include Indianapolis’s best female service industry professionals. Proceeds garnered from the event will benefit The Julian Center, an Indianapolis organization which helps create a community that is more informed about how HIV affects everyone. To learn more about the Damien Center visit their website.


Photos by Aubrey Smith.

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