Hometown Comics and Games Making Cosplay Accessible

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A comic store that is more like a convention is how the owners of Hometown Comic and Games describe their store. Adrianna Hull, Frances Hull, and Don Hull are the owners of the Greenfield shop aiming to create a different kind of experience than the stereotypical comic store. The store is female, minority, and LGBT+ owned. They want to create a space where everyone is welcome and feels like they can have a sense of community and fun in the store. Adrianna is particularly making a difference in the cosplay section. 

Cosplay is nothing new. The term was actually coined in Japan in 1984, but cosplay had been around for decades prior. The world of cosplay can seem intimidating. People dress up as characters, and it is extremely convincing that your favorite character is standing right in front of you. That being said, quality supplies and accessories can be hard to find in Indiana. Adrianna is an experienced cosplayer, and knows the challenges that come with gathering all the right supplies and sizes for a character. 

Adrianna reached out to two different cosplay makeup companies that she knew to have quality products, and ended up choosing Mehron for Hometown Comics and Games. Cosplay makeup is different from normal day wear makeup. Foundation, for instance, can’t just come in skin colors. They need to have colors like pink, green, blue, and orange. 

“The best makeup store that I could think of that was near me is a place called Caulfield’s, all the way in Louisville, Kentucky,” Adrianna says. “We should provide that. Obviously there must be a need for it, because it’s not around anywhere and there’s plenty of cosplayers around.”

Wigs are another hard find. When cosplaying, customization is essential. The wigs need to be heat resistant and workable. Adrianna carries Purple Plum Wigs, so her customers know that they are getting wigs that can be styled without having any questions about if they will be ruined or not. Adrianna is especially proud to offer cosplay outfits in a wide range of sizes. The store carries maid outfits in all sizes, as well as other classic costumes. With cosplay, the costumes need to be rather simple, so they can be customized and accessorized appropriately. She is always trying to accommodate what customers are expressing they want or need. 

“I’m still working on getting more and more [costumes] from other people. I should hopefully have plus size Lolita outfits here soon which are excessively hard to find. The Lolita fandom is really size restrictive. And I want to change that,” Adrianna says.

In addition to cosplay supplies, Hometown Comics and Games sells comics, manga, tabletop games, art supplies, ocarinas, miniature figures, Pokemon cards, calligraphy supplies, and even more! The owners don’t want to restrict themselves to specifically comics and games. Anything that Adrianna, the other staff members, or customers express interest in, they will try to carry those things in their store. Adrianna describes it as a pop culture store. 

Hometown Comics and Games is also a welcoming community for all kinds of gamers. Each week they host game play for Yugioh, Pokemon, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, My Hero Academia, Final Fantasy, and Digimon. Some events are free play, while others are tournaments or drafts. Adrianna says the community at the store is her favorite part. 

“I think we’re a really unique store. We are super, super LGBT+ friendly. And we want to be able to be a safe place for people of all walks of life,” Adrianna says. 

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