Happy Mother’s Day!

Our mothers have played a huge role in our lives. They put aside their needs to raise and take care of us, and don’t expect much in return. Though we grow and our lives change, our moms are always there guiding and cheering us along the way. To thank them, we asked our team to send in pictures of their mom along with a short quote on what they love most about her.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Lindsay Hadley, PATTERN’s Design Director

“Can you tell where I get my style from? These shots of my parents are from the 60s. My mom is a force of nature—she’s funny, smart, generous and kickass. Milo’s got the best grandma in the world.” – Lindsay Hadley

Ty Stratton, past PATTERN Intern

“Watching her raise me as a single mom is still where I draw most of my inspiration from. She taught me to say ‘what can I do’ instead of ‘woe is me.’ Her generosity and heart despite all odds inspires me as well.”

Landess Hutson, PATTERN’s Project Manager Fellow

“Here’s a pic of my mama at her high school graduation. She inspires me everyday to be kind, selfless and passionate. She is truly the strongest, most loving person I have ever known. I love you forever and always mama!”

Sam Ripperger, PATTERN’s Social Media Fellow, and Paige Ripperger, volunteer

“Our mom is the best. What inspires us most about her is her work ethic, her laugh, and her desire to keep pushing forward.”

Megan Gray, past PATTERN Fellow

“3 things about her that inspire me are her badass perm, the way she cares for others (she’ll put everyone before herself always), and her mama bear instinct and true love for her family.”

Allie Coppedge, past PATTERN Intern

“My mom has always inspired me to be bold and not afraid to speak my mind. She’s also inspired me in my love of fashion! After all, she is the reason I fell in love with and have pursued my passion for it.”

Sariah Borom, past PATTERN intern

“My mom lets nothing stop her from accomplishing goals and excelling at life. She sacrifices herself in order to provide for those she’s devoted to and maintains a loving heart always.”

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