Guys don’t be afraid of adding a Pop Of Color

I’m not going to lie to you – I love my black V-necks and hoodies. I own a stack of black t shirts and I don’t care that they’re my go-to when looking for something to wear. I will randomly wear a bright color and it shocks everyone. I like using color, and I always encourage others to try new color in their wardrobe. But give me a black V-neck and a slate colored scarf and I am in heaven. I’m not the only one. However, since I love wearing black I make sure to add a pop of color with my accessories. It’s an easy way to brighten up your outfit.

The easiest way for guys to add color is through accessories that most of us use anyway. Pairing a bold color tie with a black suit is a great way to get noticed at those networking events. When going out for an evening of socializing, how about you add a bold color watch. It will be sure to get you noticed in a crowd of people. I put together an inspiration picture for you guys, for your next shopping trip.

I have my favorite ways to add that pop of color in your wardrobe. A look that a lot more guys are embracing for those sunny days are colored sunglasses. There are a lot of great eye-wear options, but there is something about the classic Wayfarer Ray-Ban style that you have to love. The collection comes in a range of colors that are perfect to add to a classic black suit or to rock with a V-neck t shirt and hoodie.

Another great option comes from a company called Hello Somebody. Hello Somebody is a company that believes in buying with a purpose. Buying their products means that you are supporting their mission:

“We are thankful for the success we saw in our first year. Moving forward as an organization, we are committed to more than feeding. We believe education is the key to put an end to the poverty and hunger cycle. Our Mission is to feed and educate children, by providing an avenue of knowledge, in order to break the cycle of poverty and hunger within their generation.”

Within their collection is a line of watches. The watches are pretty simple in design, but are available in a wide range of colors to add to your wardrobe. I think they are perfect to add a bit of fun to your monochromatic outfit.

Many guys can’t wear bright watches or sunglasses to work, but an easy way for the professional male to add a pop of color to their wardrobe is through their neck-wear. Guys ties are available in a wide range of color tones and patterns. You can’t go wrong walking into that boardroom or networking event with an eye-catching tie on. Cuff-links are also a great way to add color to that black or navy suit.

The options are really endless when it comes to ways of adding color to your wardrobe. Guys who like color but don’t want to wear a bold colored pant, can still have fun when it comes to your accessories. Enjoy the color adventure.

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