Go Ask Your Dad

Sometimes, we forget that there was a time when our parents were our age. Then we come across a picture from before we were born when they made outrageous or surprising fashion choices that we can’t imagine them making these days, and it occurs to us that our parents had a life before us. With Father’s Day being last weekend, some of us at the PATTERN office asked our dads to dig up some photos from their youth and tell us a little bit about what they liked to wear and why.

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Evelyn’s dad Brian

EA: What’s the worst trend past or present?
In the ’70s my mom made me wear those knit nylon shirts that are really tight in the midriff. I hated those.

EA: Did you ever have a style icon?
BA: The Camel Cigarette guy.

EA: Do you regret any past style choices?
BA: In the late ’70s I had these big plastic glasses that were half tinted brown. Yuck.

EA: What item of clothing is your go-to?
BA: Jeans because they are easy and comfortable.

Khaila’s dad Torres

KK: Do you like to follow the trends or create your own look?
TK: No, I don’t like to follow trends. I like to set my own pace.

KK: Do you regret any of your past style choices?
TK: Yes, wearing baggy clothes in the ’90s and early 2000s. It looks ridiculous wearing clothes that don’t fit!

Torres King

Maddie’s dad Greg

MS: What’s your favorite fashion trend?
GS: I invented Sponge. Sporty Grunge.

MS: Did you like to follow the trends or create your own look?
GS: Create my own look. Cut off shorts, Chuck Taylors and T-shirts. Bandanna on the head.

MS: Describe your ’80s style in 3 words?
GS: Athletic, comfortable, sloppy.

MS: How do you make the perfect pair of cut-offs?
GS: Once you get a rip in the knees, cut your jeans just below the edge of your front pocket.

Samantha’s dad John 

SR: If you could get back any item of clothing you had in the past what would it be?
JR: Probably my letter jacket from high school. I still have it but the leather sleeves are falling apart.

SR: How would you describe your style?
JR: Business casual.

SR: What’s the worst trend past or present?
JR: Socks with sandals and mullets.

SR: Do you regret any of your past style choices?
JR: No.

John Ripperger

Aiden’s dad Kreigh 

AS: What was your go-to item of clothing?
KS: Penny loafers

AS: Do you regret any of your past style choices?
KS: Sperry Canvas Topsiders. I had five different colors.

AS: How would you describe your current style?
KS: More functional than fashionable now. Functionality is more important now that I am an old, out of shape man!

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