Fashionable Furnishings with Julie Browning Bova

While the fashion world is shifting and advancing through seasons, people have recently begun to take more of an interest in interiors and furnishings, and we’re beginning to see the home décor world collide and mesh with the fashion world. Interior and home furnishings designer Julie Browning Bova weighed in on the influence that each of the industries has on each other.

Bova, who grew up in Indianapolis- where her business is located and thriving today- had an eye for design even as a child. She described her young self, saying “I was the kid that was looking forward to the Architectural Digest magazine coming versus Seventeen Magazine back in the day… I was really exposed early on to the creative process in general, and loving the idea of something being drawn on a napkin or piece of paper. Then, the next thing you know it’s being built, then the next thing you know you’re walking through that particular space”, she said.

What is in that space, though, has become an expression of personal style.

“I feel like we went through a plain stage in interiors where everybody was going more neutral. I see much more vibrant color and beautiful florals and that kind of Moroccan tile print [now].”

It’s summer, so we’re seeing funkier trends and colors in fashion- trends and colors that are now being projected in home décor, too. Fringe is used on skirts, as well as pillows. Animal prints are featured on bags, but also a throw blanket on a leather couch. Sheer materials are seen on tops, along with curtains in the home.

“I see the use of innovative materials in both fashion and interiors. There’s a lot of metal- there’s a lot of gold, there’s a lot of mixed metal that you see a lot and we might see that in finishes on writing or on the sign details [in interiors]. In fashion, it might be the buckles, or it might be the belts, or it might be the accessories, or it might be beautiful buttons”, she said.

“When you see the couture runways and you see all of the metallic leather and the crystals, the plastic, the crazy stuff on the couture runways and then a lot of times we can see that translate into the home.”

That translation comes from inspiration, creativity and emotion.

“Fashion and home decor has an immediate emotional response- whether it’s from color, style, texture- it’s a reflection of our experiences and where we come from and what is our lifestyle. To me, those two things are very intertwined…” Bova says.

Our homes are no longer decorated thoughtlessly- they are decorated to fit our personal style and our lifestyles.

“It is so personal and that is the beauty of interiors, because you can actually change and evolve and curate and edit and constantly be changing your space just like you can do with your fashion each season. I think you evolve with time, you evolve with age, you evolve with travel and cultural experience and art. Things you fall in love with start to help you develop who you are at that point in time.”

Who and what you are leads to inspiration, and inspiration leads to creativity. Bova is inspired by all things in life- her past, her present, her family, and nature. But, her inspiration can come from smaller things as well, like a pair of her dad’s Gucci loafers.


Bova discusses the love of color and the comfort in certain colors. “You can translate that [comfort in color] into the home very easily. Shades of taupe in a house may remind you of an Armani suit.”

As for designers who have fluctuated between fashion and home décor, Bova says, “There are people that live a lifestyle. When you see people who crossed from fashion to the interiors, it’s comfort. I think that people are comfortable with color because that can be very emotional.”

Designer Tory Burch is notorious for her chic handbags, as well as her newer home décor collections. She is one of those designers that has transformed their creative ideas from fashion wear to home furnishings and has created a lifestyle out of those designs.

“With Tory Burch, she has that kind of Indian [style]- those beautiful prints and beautiful rich green velvet that she always has, and the bright colors and the gold embellishments- that’s her lifestyle. When you see her house, you can see that reflection in what she does. Whether it’s art or prints or antique textiles or beautiful things that she’s collected, all of that plays a part in whom she is and then it’s easy to transform that into the interiors”, Bova says of Burch.

As the world continues to transform, it’s becoming more apparent that vanilla homes are a thing of the past. What your house looks like on the inside is now purely an image of individual flair, and we can expect the home décor industry to flourish along with the fashion industry in the upcoming years.

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