Fashion & Politics? Why not?

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Fashion & politics? Why Not! As long as you realize that fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry that creates jobs and generates tax revenue, it’s not hard to see why local elected officials and State policy makers are becoming more interested in all things sartorial. Contrary to popular belief, Indianapolis has a rich history of fashion and our state has produced a handful of world-class designers to claim as its own as well.

True, the last fifty or so years have seen the local fashion scene languish, but if you’ve been paying attention, you know that slowly but surely things have been changing. The flourishing of maker culture, along with a growing trend to bring apparel manufacturing back to the United States, the ascendance of streetwear, as well as the ease with which anyone can open a digital storefront, have all contributed to a resurgence of interest in clothing design.

It’s been really exciting to get support from entities such as IndyChamber, The Mayor’s Office, Business Ownership of Indiana, Downtown Indy, CICF and other arts & cultural organizations for what Pattern has been doing and we were especially honored to be asked to oversee tonight’s Fashion Showcase at IndyChamber’s HobNob event! We want to thank our participating vendors who both provided clothing from their stores or in some cases, custom-made the designs worn by our “models”: James Dant, Catherine Fritsch, ZagWest, American Armadillo, Boomerang BTQ, House of 5th & Macy’s. A huge, huge thank you goes to Danielle Smith of Fresh Fettle, who coordinated the bulk of fittings and oversaw all the details of tonight’s showcase. And we’re thrilled to have Andi Hauser of IndyStyle, emceeing tonight!

Last, but not least, we want to give a standing ovation to our four elected officials who stepped up to participate and stepped out of their comfort zones, enduring fittings, photoshoots, inappropriate accessories, trying on clothes they would never have picked for themselves  and countless emails: Kyle Walker, Maggie Lewis, Michael McQuillen and Joel Miller! You guys are going to look great!

Online registration is closed for the event, but tickets are available at the door. It’s only $10 to get in. Please come out and take part in what has traditionally been a very conservative event – IndyChamber believes that creative, small businesses are a vital part of what makes Indianapolis so great, and wants to engage with all of you! As CEO of IndyChamber, Michael Huber likes to say, “This is not your Grandaddy’s Chamber, anymore!” Hope to see Pattern well-represented tonight! We need you to help us share the story of Pattern!

Below, enjoy some of the outtakes from fittings and the photoshoot! Thanks to Esther Boston for shooting behind-the-scenes at James Dant and Pattern Store.


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