Farewell to Vibes!

Johnny Z is the coolest. In 1998, I saw him play/thrash/headbang in Burn It Down. I remember thinking he must be some half-man, half-beast that was locked in a cage and only let out once in a while to practice, or for a show. Eventually I had the great pleasure of getting to know him and make music with him. I found out that not only is he domesticated and potty trained, but a very kind and selfless person. He has been, and continues to be, a strong supporter of cool art in Indiana. His store is closing, but that’s just a place. John Zeps and Vibes music (in one form or another) will continue to support and entertain this city with great records, gear (“go ahead, use my extremely expensive Les Paul, please”), and his expert involvement in the art scene of Indianapolis. People like Johnny Z and stores like Vibes are rare in any city, and we shouldn’t take them for granted.

Today is Record Store Day, so pay a visit to Vibes before it closes for good on May 15. Other than some great vinyl, you can also pick up some awesome USI shirts! – Editor

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