Fall is about making a statment

This fall season is about men breaking out of their fashion shells. It’s time to stop hiding behind boring outfits that are more like uniforms than expressions of your personal taste! Face it! Getting attention is fun; getting attention because you’re sharp dresser? Even better! Designers put together collections that paired staple guy garments with statement pieces. The result is fashion pieces that are comfortable and accessible for the common guy. D&G put together a young sporty collection full of color blocking and graphics. Buckler showed a collection on the street to emphasize their urban street look. If men want to do something different than sporty or street, then maybe you can be inspired by Dsquared2’s western rebel look. The common thread in all of these diverse collections is about making a statement with your clothes. Designers used hoodies, t shirts, and denim as the foundation for many of their collections. Choosing the right statement piece will revitalize the feel of your closet. Here are some ideas to get you going:

Statement Jacket

Photo: Yannis Vlamos / GoRunway.com

The heat and humidity really isn’t motivation to start looking for a jacket, but get on it guys. Designers have used the jacket to take the standard guy wardrobe piece up a few notches.

D&G use an oversized fur jacket to accent a bold graphic sweater and plaid pant. The fur jacket adds a vintage look to the sporty pop style. Other designers choose to take their spin at revitalizing the biker jacket. Designers used a wide range of died leathers and off-centered zippers to create a cool biker jacket option. Buying a black leather or faux leather jacket has a longer fashion life. This season it is all about making a statement. I have seen a few bright red or deep blue colored jackets. Jared Leto has been spotted wearing a blue biker jacket during his past tour with 30 seconds to mars. The biker jacket can work many ways to create more of a street look. For example take a red leather jacket and pair it with a standard white dress shirt and tie for a fashionable dinner date. The same jacket can later be worn with a t shirt and suspenders for a night out in the city.

The key when purchasing your statement jacket, is to figure out the level of use it will provide to your wardrobe. Although I love the vintage look of adding a fur jacket, a leather biker jacket is a little more easy to wear on a daily basis. When purchasing your statement jacket look at thrift stores first. A worn fur or leather jacket offers character that you can’t buy when a jacket is new. Finding a quality jacket at a thrift store takes time but is well worth the effort. The chances of finding a statement jacket in the mall are pretty slim as well. I recommend doing some online shopping for this option. The bonus about online shopping is that you found a piece not common for Indianapolis. I would love if there was a local men’s boutique to recommend. Until I find one, E-bay is a great tool in your search. Just remember to be smart when buying from anyone online, and know the return policy.

Statement Shoe

Most guys already have their favorite pair of dress pant or denim. When thinking about stepping up your fashion game, think outside of the box with the item you love. A good place to start is with your shoe choice. You can change the entire vibe of a dress pant just by adding a utility boot and a denim jacket. If the utility boot and dress pant option is a little much, then think about the the standard dress shoe. A look that is European inspired is wearing the dress shoe with no socks. The trend has had a little bit of a slow start here in Indianapolis, but is a very cool look. J Crew highlighted in a few looks how to wear the trend. I wouldn’t recommend the look for the professional work place, but it is a great look for cocktails and dinner after work.

It seems the shoe choices for guys are pretty slim. My first choice when I do shoe shopping is Aldo. The stores normally have a decent selection of style of shoes, and if I don’t find it in the store I can order it online. The tip for using shoes as a statement piece is to mix styles. A simple slip on wingtip dress shoe can be worn with denim for a preppy look. Switch the dress shoe with a boot and the look becomes more street and urban.

You don’t have to wear shoes that are super bright and gaudy in design. Instead go simple and wear them smart. If you really have a shoe that you love but they are a little worn out, take them to a shoe repair place. Most malls will have a store that will offer the service of shoe repair.

Statement Accessories

When I talk about accessories for men, it does not include the silver rings you wore in the 90’s. Accessories to have in a guy’s wardrobe are:

  • Ties
  • Belts
  • Suspenders
  • Scarves
  • Bags
  • Watches
  • Sunglasses
  • Bracelets

Guys need at least a dress and casual option for each category; Buying the clothes is only half of a finished look. The accessories are what makes the look “complete”. Many of the models were styled with a bag or hat for the fall shows.

Walking around Indianapolis, many guys are carrying backpacks. Save the backpacks for school or hiking. A nice suit looks so cheap when a guy is carrying a backpack, not to mention it looks unprofessional. There are more bag options becoming more mainstream for guys.

It is great to see more and more local guys adding a bow-tie to their dress attire. Another option that is often forgotten about is the use of suspenders. Those can be worn dressy or casual. I think one of the coolest ways to rock suspenders is to wear them with their favorite t shirt and jeans.

Statement pieces don’t have to take a lot of work. Simple is better when it comes to finishing off the outfit. I, of course, encourage guys to check out more in detail the Fall collections. I just wanted to highlight a few things that are very easy for guys in Indianapolis to duplicate right from the Fall runway shows. Men of Indianapolis there is a payoff for being fashionable!

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