Fall 2013 Issue is in the works!

My quick trip to Paris (I returned Wednesday night), is but a distant memory. In the land of Pattern, a couple of weeks off is a luxury, but one I enjoyed immensely. But now, it’s back to the grind! I’ve had lots of people ask me about details for the next issue and how they can all get involved. So here goes.

First, the deadline: June 24 is the deadline for all Editorial Contest Submissions and the Designer Ads submissions. Keep in mind, this is for the Fall/Winter issue, so clothing needs to be season appropriate.

(I’m going to sidetrack a little here.) I understand that it’s hard to get fall/winter clothing in the spring and early summer. Hard, but definitely not impossible and especially if you’re working with a professional stylist. Don’t know a professional stylist? Okay, well, there are plenty of fashion students who are anxious to get some real world experience styling shoots. Come to one of our meetups and you’re bound to meet several contenders. If nothing else, post a shout-out on our FB page or tweet at us and we’ll get the word out. I guarantee you’ll get more than a couple of bites.

Our theme for the Fall issue is MOMENTUM. To us, that means motion, athleticism, physical energy, power, impulse, pressure, vigor and velocity, among other things. The theme leaves a lot of room for interpretation, and I’m looking forward to all the creative ways that it will be addressed!

Also, if you’re wondering if someone other than yours truly will ever get to shoot the cover, the answer is that Fall’s cover will be assigned and shot by someone other than myself. 🙂

For those who are interested in being invited to contribute to the magazine, keep in mind that the best way to get the proverbial “foot-in-the-door”, is by contributing to our blog first.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am by the amazing response we’ve received to our Spring issue! It’s great to see the publication gain traction amongst local retailers and to continue elicit excitement and delight that something like it can be produced here in Indianapolis. We’re still working with Books-a-Million and Barnes & Noble to carry the magazine. It’s going to happen, but dealing with these retail giants is no small feat. Can someone say “bureaucracy”? 🙂

Willyum Baulkey

I’m not going to lie and say that raising close to 20K for each issue has been easy, but so far, it’s definitely been worth the effort. My hope is that as the word of this magazine spreads through the city and beyond, that sponsorships will become a bit easier to find. If you know of a business that loves Indy and that could see the benefit in having an ad in our publication, please tell them about us and encourage them to reach out to us for our sponsorship/advertising info. As always, we are ever grateful to our existing sponsors – thank you for helping Pattern make a difference in Indianapolis!

Thank you all for being such a supportive and giving community! You guys are making fashion happen right here, right now! We’ve still a ways to go, and many don’t see our full potential, but I truly believe that we’ll prove the naysayers wrong!

Hope to see many of you on April 25th for our monthly meetup about eco-fashion at Big Car!

ps. If you have any questions about the submission process, please post them here and don’t email us directly. More than likely someone else will have the same question and as our manpower resources are a tad limited, it would be great to be able to answer the same question just once. 🙂





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