Eloquii: Full figured line from The Limited launches in Indy!

Next Monday, June 8, will see the re-opening of the updated The Limited store at Castleton Square Mall and with it the local launch of Eloquii – a full-figured line created under the direction of designer Jodi Arnold. The Limited has been around for some 50 years, but the 90s and 00s hadn’t been too kind to the brand with a 17 year “no-profit posted” streak. Then in 2007 the company was purchased by a private investment firm and CEO Linda Heasley was brought on to help reinvent the brand and turn things around, which she’s done, with verve, humor and enthusiasm.

Eloquii which is a combination of Elegant and Soliloquy is shaking up the plus-sized clothing market. Where other brands that cater to the plus-size clients are faltering, Eloquii continues to expand into more and more markets, received with enthusiasm and gratitude by curvy women who want to look stylish and feel sexy without having to spend a lot of money.

Taking inspiration from the latest runway looks, Eloquii offers clothing which is on trend, but most importantly fits the plus-size figure just right. Designer Jodi Arnold and her team spend a lot of time finessing the cuts, curves, lines and fabrics of each item to make sure that the final result is as flattering as it is comfortable.

Designed for women sizes 14-24, the Eloquii line fills a significant gap in the plus-size market, offering everything from office-appropriate slacks, skirts and jackets, to evening wear that any girl can feel fabulous wearing. These are not disposable pieces, mind you! The Limited believes that your closet deserves more than just a season worth of items that need to be tossed after 6 months of use. In fact, it is the recognition and understanding that women desire quality at reasonable prices that is helping The Limited post profits in a time when many competitors are scaling down or closing their doors altogether.

Bottom line? If you’re a curvy fashionista, come Monday and if you aren’t already familiar with Eloquii, you owe it to yourself to check it out for yourself. Both Heasley and Arnold are big on feedback, so if you post any comments, suggestions or ideas, we’ll be sure to pass them on.

Check out some looks from the upcoming Fall collection below.

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