Eight Trends to trash for 2012

There are rumors that since the Mayan calendar ends with 2012, that this is our last year of life. Ladies and gents, just in case this is our last year on this planet, I suggest we try ending it with a strong fashion bang! 😉 I have selected eight trends to go ahead and trash for 2012. Those of you who are sad about my list, give it time and the trend will return a little altered. I know I am still waiting for the heat sensitive clothing to make its comeback. I know I am not the only one.

Men’s trash list

SKINNY DENIM: The first thing I would like to see go in Indianapolis is the super tight skinny denim. This trend is out of control! It’s time for the hipster culture to find another denim trend! On the flip side, the benefit of the super skinny denim is that it ushered in new cuts of denim for men. I believe all of us remember the trend of the 90’s known as Jnco jeans. I am glad that the two cuts have merged together to create a nice fitting straight-leg denim cut. Not too baggy. Not too tight. They are just right.


AFFLICTION SHIRTS (or anything similar): Worse than the super tight denim is a shirt style that can only be described by the brand who started it all: AFFLICTION. You guys know exactly the shirt I am describing. It is pretty much any cheap looking shirt that is covered with layers upon layers of manly graphics, metallic printing detail, and fitted to show off the arms and abs. The shirts are a design mess and strangely tend to match the personalities of the guys wearing them. 2012 has no room for guys who don’t have direction and substance.


DEEP V NECK T SHIRTS: Proof that if you give guys an inch we will take a mile! It took us forever to appreciate a well crafted V neck shirt. Then once we noticed how cool a V neck shirt looked, we thought more was better. WRONG! Guys all over the place are wearing an American Apparel deep V neck shirt. Just like with women, too much chest is just not a good look. Jimmy John delivery guys, Adam Levine, and hipster bands are the only guys who can get away with it, but that’s where I draw line. Us normal dudes should just stick with a regular V neck.

CARTOON GRAPHICS: This trend was mostly supported by the young street culture, but then for some reason beyond my comprehension, it migrated over to grown men, LARGE, grown men. I’m not slamming Elmo and Cookie Monster – those guys are awesome, but not when worn XXL by a man in his late 30s who’s eaten one donut too many. On the bright side of this huge fashion mistake, at least the offenders aren’t wearing Affliction tees. 😉


Ladies trash list

FEATHER EXTENSIONS: A good rule for ladies is that if Shakira or Ke$ha are sporting it, run in the opposite direction. When I first saw the feather extensions there was a part of me that loved the idea. Then the feathers started showing up on cheer squads and evening infomercials. The feathers seemed to be getting bigger and brighter, which are probably warning signs to stay away. Ladies (and Steven Tyler) there are other ways to add accessories to your wardrobe. Instead on adding feathers to your hair, add jewels to your neck. In 2012 invest in higher quality accessories that are classic and will last more than one season.


UGG BOOTS: Ladies I have tried to be open minded about this comfortable, but hideous Australian  sheepskin boot. I have yet to see a lady rock this style of boot in a way that has impressed me. NOT CUTE! Worse yet, is that usually, the rest of the outfit that’s paired with the boots is just as bad. Or maybe it’s just that it’s impossible to make any outfit look good while wearing the UGGs.  There are so many great, winter boot options for ladies that wearing a comfortable blanket around your feet should be saved for staying home.


THE MISSING PANT: With the growing popularity of leggings and tights, ladies have been feeling more comfortable with the idea of going outside with…no pants on. I’m okay with the look as long as there’s a long sweater or jacket to cover that rear end, but unless you’re coming out LA Fitness, the sheen of your buttocks and the outline of your thong? I’m going to go out on a limb and say that NO ONE wants to see that. With this style it’s important to make sure that either your top is long enough to cover the goods or at the very least that your leggings are 100% opaque. Ladies, let’s make 2012 a year of showing less.


CARTOON PRINT: Ladies, you get the same advice I gave the guys. Please, have some respect for yourselves and stay away from any garments that features cartoons. Trash your elementary school worthy tees and focus on color blocking and animal print. And what’s with Hello Kitty printed items? I’ve seen the stupid cat everywhere and in 2012 it’s time to say “NO” to the Kitty!




Well, I hope that 2012 is going to be a great year all around, but especially style-wise! After you clean out your closet, you will be surprised and excited by the amount of space you have to fill up with some new items. To the ladies and gentleman who are looking forward to the Super Bowl: My new Super Bowl series start next week. Follow me on twitter @_jeremiah_ or Pattern @Patternindy to share your thoughts on Super Bowl fashion and style.

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    Speaking for myself and I’m sure many other men. Let’s not be so hasty on ushering out “The Missing Pant.” If the rear looks like the one pictured, she’s welcome to continue that trend well into 2012.

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