Don’t Just Party: Masquerade

Photography by Nicole Rodriguez

New Year’s Eve looks different to everyone. Some stand in the cold to watch a 32,256 LED crystal ball drop, some stay at home in their comfy pajamas while others paint the town silver and gold. Formal events at this time of year can be few and far between, especially in Indiana, but Indy Masquerade is changing that.

Nick Wangler and Anna Zumbrun are the new co-owners of Indy Masquerade, a now formal New Year’s Eve celebration. As stated on their website, “This isn’t a New Years Eve party. Parties are thrown. Masquerades are crafted.” The masquerade dress code requires guests to look polished and encourages them to don masks! Wangler and Zumbrun are excited to see how it turns out as this is their first masquerade too!

“It’s a night to come and look your best!” Wangler said. “We’ve got a city’s worth of entertainment attractions inside of what we think is the city’s best venue.”

Located at Union Station, Indy Masquerade will feature multiple artists and entertainment throughout the venue.

“We’ve got a DJ room and a casino room, where all the money generated goes to Dream Alive,” Wangler said. “In the Grand Hall we’ve got jazz and ballroom music and dancers with Indy Ballet will be teaching people basic steps to the music. There’s really no where else offering all this in Indy.”

Wangler has been involved with Dream Alive for several years. As a non-profit organization, Dream Alive strives to educate and mentor the youth. Their after-school program focuses on helping at-risk youth become anything they want.

“Their focus is to help kids dream outside of their immediate surroundings,” Wangler said. “They’ll show them that they can be anything and do anything.”

Wangler and Zumbrun are also teaming up with local Indy artists to create fun interactive pieces.

“We were thinking of unique ways to advertise and approached installation artist Abi Ogle. We came up with this idea of having our logo made of different pieces of metal from a historic building in Indianapolis. That piece will be at our event and we’re also working with Flower Boys to do a flower wall behind the mask.”

Installation artist Quincy Owens is also involved with the event as he will be revealing his project sometime throughout the night. Additionally, one of the event’s sponsors, Cardinal Spirits, will be creating three signature cocktails during the event for guests to try and vote on. The winning cocktail might appear at a restaurant in the new year.

Focusing on Indianapolis is what this annual New Year’s Eve event wants most of all. As Zumbrun put it “I want it to feel uniquely Indianapolis. As our art scene has grown, so has Indianapolis. We have incredible people here and everyone we are working with is locally based, lives here and loves the city.”

You can keep up with Indy Masquerade on Instagram and Facebook. Tickets are still available for purchase through Eventbright!

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