CreativeMornings with Brandon Evans

Originated in Brooklyn by Tina Roth-Eisenberg, CreativeMornings is a monthly breakfast lecture that focuses on creative individuals in all kinds of fields. The event now spans 223 cities around the world. One Friday a month, the Indianapolis lectures are hosted by Ryan Hunley. The event is free to attend and includes local favorites from Long’s Bakery and Tinker Coffee.

This month, the Indianapolis speaker is Brandon Evans. We got to chat with Evans about what we’ll hear at the lecture on Friday, March 25th at 8:30 am at Kan-Kan Cinema.

Evans is the co-founder of HOPE, a nonprofit that aims to improve Indiana’s voting turnout. He is also a Communications Strategist who is dedicated to helping people understand why their voice needs to be heard. The title of his speech this Friday is “We The People: Give A Shit.”

“For democracy to work for all of us, it needs to include all of us,” Evans says.

CreativeMornings has been hosted in Indianapolis for seven years, and Evans has been attending for about half of that. Over the years, he’s listened to many of his mentors and friends speak at the event. He says he feels privileged to have this opportunity and is excited to speak to a group of people dedicated to celebrating creativity. In his speech, he will focus on how storytelling plays an important role in effective communication. The international theme of CreativeMornings this month is Folklore. Evans recognizes the power of storytelling and that communicating effectively should include using folklore and parables in a way that connects people through their tradition, lineage, and history.

Evans has been working in politics, civic engagement, and advocacy in many different roles. He was the Young Democrats President, he has worked for IndyGo transit, and has experience in tech. Evans uses his social and creative skills to encourage his community to use their voices.

“Our number one enemy is actually apathy,” Evans says. “That’s the framework of the talk.”

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