Creative Community App “Daisie” Launches Worldwide

In the midst of all of the buzz about the final season of Game of Thrones, Maisie Williams who plays Arya Stark has launched a new social platform called Daisie. Daisie is an app that is designed to connect local and global artists, designers, models, actors, film makers, writers, photographers, poets and all other kinds of creatives in order to access a community to help bring their projects to life. Users are able to make connections locally and develop a community between aspiring creatives.

Daisie users are able to put out ads on the app to catch the attention of other users. Creatives can upload their work, see other users work and request a collaboration on other users work. The app includes collaborative poetry collections that users are able to upload poems to, find films to be apart of, promote their music and connect with a creative community that is deeper and more supportive than other social media platforms.

Williams aims to change the way that creatives are using social media by making her app a supporting place rather than a competitive social media platform. Without an amount of likes on pictures or an uber professional platform, Daisie is a place where users can go just to showcase their work for people who want to be supportive. Daisie is attempting to cater to a niche that wants to collaborate and create a safe place for creatives globally. On this app, users are able to gain exposure into the local and global creative industry and connect with mentors in their community to further their work.

Here in Indianapolis, the creative community is not as prevalent as it can be, so the community can grow if creatives can connect through this app. Williams goal of this app is to make the creative world less daunting to budding creatives by making the gap between the beginners and the industry leaders more supportive and collaborative. If you are a creative that is looking for a platform that you can promote your own work, appreciate other people’s work and collaborate with community members to create new projects, Daisie is the app for you. Lets use this app to improve and strengthen the creative community in Indianapolis.

Daisie is currently available in the app store for iOS devices.

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