Cours Clothing X Square Cat Vinyl: Winter collection release party

Andrew Walker, a grad student studying business at University of Indianapolis, started his brand, Cours Clothing, with a clear message in mind. Stay the course. After overcoming some personal struggles, he discovered his true calling. In June of 2016, Walker decided to start Cours Clothing to get his message of encouragement out to the masses, pushing people to embrace their own personal vision. On February 17, his brand will be releasing a new winter collection at Square Cat Vinyl with hopes of spread good vibes everywhere with new garments and good music.

Tell me a little about yourself and why you started Cours Clothing?

The reason I started the brand was because I went through some things and I wanted to share my experiences with other people in a tangible way. I was going down a couple of different paths and I wasn’t really sure of myself and why I was doing what I was doing but I finally figured out what my soul purpose was and what my direction was. None of that would have been possible if I hadn’t been real with myself. The realization wouldn’t have happened without a positive mindset and I understood that. So a year after I had my realization, I started doing pretty well. Things were going in my favor because I had a great mindset and I stayed true to my morals and my values. So I began asking myself, how can I share the stepping stones to success that I had discovered with other people because so many of them are afraid of being themselves and don’t know how to get to where they want to go.

Tell me about your new collection?

For this particular collection, I will be doing hoodies and winter caps. I know everyone has done those, but what’s different about this collection is that the stepping stones to success will be incorporated into the garments. Vision, Plan, Action and Focus are how you stay your course, and those will be on the pieces.

The release party is on February 17 and it will be at Square Cat Vinyl. What can people expect at the party?

It’s going to be really cool. Square Cat Vinyl is amazing. I have an up-and-coming DJ from Chicago. I am going to have two local artists do short sets. There is going to be beer, coffee, wine and I will also have an artist there who will be selling his art. My garments will be on display and I will be talking about them with the people coming in and out. Should be good vibes! I would love for people to come out and support and have an experience. I just want people to enjoy themselves. 

How has Cours grown since you started it back in 2016?

There has been exponential growth. When I started, I didn’t really know much about this particular market and so I’ve been learning something new every day. I’ve had a lot of support from school, outside people and some who have just come across my stuff online. It’s been big. I did a launch party about a year ago and close to 100 people came. 

What’s it like having a clothing brand in Indy?

I’m from Chicago and not being from Indianapolis yet having people support me is just fantastic. I love it. I see a lot of untapped potential here. It’s pretty cool to get text messages from different people saying “I really love your brand. Just keep doing what your doing.” 

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