If you are interested in being invited to write or photograph for Pattern Magazine, please submit to the website first.

Submitting a Photo Editorial

Our current policy is to showcase submissions from Indiana-based photographers or people with a connection to Indiana (born & raised or attended college in Indiana, etc).  If you have absolutely no connection to Indiana at all, still feel free to contact us as policies do change and it’s possible that we will start accepting submissions from all photographers in a few months.

We are interested in season appropriate fashion stories, location or studio. We will also consider beauty stories. It’s a plus if you’re showcasing clothing from local designers or stores. In determining which editorials are showcased, we review the images not only for the quality of photography, modeling and lighting, but also fashion/style content and originality. The submission should showcase at least 6 different looks (by “looks” we mean, outfits).

When you submit your images for consideration, please email them to with the subject heading of “Editorial Submission”. Please make sure all files are 950px on the long side @72dpi. DO NOT send hi-res files. Also include a listing of your team and stores/designers used in the shoot.

Your submission will be reviewed and you will receive a response within 2-3 weeks of submission.

Pitching a Story/Post

It’s always a good idea to pitch the post before writing it. Send your idea to so we can review it. We’re looking for stories about local events, boutiques, retailers, designers (and other professionals who come in contact with fashion ie. stylists, photographers, etc)  and developments within the fashion industry and the overall arts-related culture of Central Indiana. We are also interested in hearing about Hoosiers who have had success outside of this great state and their stories. Articles about personal experiences within the fashion industry in whatever capacity are also welcome as long as they share information that can educate and help readers get a better insight into a career in fashion.

This blog is NOT about celebrity gossip or who wore what on the red carpet. We are also not interested in generic beauty or fashion articles or product reviews. Keep in mind that this is primarily an industry blog and not a style blog. We like to include a few articles about style, but we already have regular style contributors and stories about style are less likely to be accepted from guest bloggers.

Before You Write the Post

We want to hear your voice in your writing. Whatever the topic, your post should read like you were sitting in your living having a conversation with the readers. Let your personality shine through and connect with them! Posts should be between 500 and 800 words long. (However word count doesn’t matter as much as content. If you think the subject matter needs  it, go over! We’ll worry about it in the editing process.) Please provide at least one image to go along with your post. The image should be no bigger than 600px wide and @72dpi. Do not send hi-res files and be sure that all images are copyright free (or that you took them yourself). We are happy to provide a photo credit.

Also, please provide links for any and all pertinent references (stores, designers, books, websites) that you mention in your article to make the reading experience richer for our audience.

Submissions Process

Please send in your submission on the date agreed upon or earlier. If that’s not possible, please, please, please do us the courtesy of sending an email warning that the article is going to be late as soon as you realize it will be. This gives us the time to rearrange things. Submit your post in a .DOC attachment and any corresponding information to Along with the post you should submit a 50 word bio that tells readers who you are and what you do. You should include links to your website, Twitter handle and Linked In profile so the readers can connect with you. Also, include a headshot of yourself to post with the article.

Mild editing is normal and we may or may not contact you before publishing your post with a few edits to it. However, any significant changes will be returned to you so that you can work them out the way you see fit. Please return the edited post as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, contact

After the Post Goes Up

You’ll receive an email letting you know when your post goes up, we’ll do our best to promote the article via Facebook and Twitter. You’re welcome to promote the article yourself through your own blog or through social media means. Please do not post the same content on another site though, because duplicate content can hurt search engine rankings. Please check to the site several times to answer comments on the post. If possible, please reply to each comment separately. If there are any comments after the first day of posting you’ll receive an email alerting you to it.