Coming August 2014: The Pattern Storefront

Pattern’s continual evolution has always cycled through stages: wild-eyed idealism, stubbornness & perspiration, re-configuring the mission, and then actualizing it.

We’re always looking ahead, trying to keep our heads in the present, and being mindful of our history. Which means we stumble. A lot. And that’s why you — Pattern, the community — are what keeps this whole project going. If y’all weren’t there, we’d still be sitting in a bar, wondering what to do with 100 copies of Pattern Magazine’s first issue… (they do make decent coasters).

So, a quick backwards glance:

Pattern is established as a leaner, more agile offshoot of the Indianapolis Fashion Collective.

Pattern Magazine Issue One. 100 copies, printed on demand. Remember who was on the cover? Yep, she’s now the exclusive face of Yves Saint Laurent.

With meetups occurring across the city and the community growing from dozens to hundreds, Pattern launched The Bindery — a pop-up coworking space, developed with the Harrison Center for the Arts and AIGA Indy.

Building on The Bindery’s momentum (along with over 1000 meetup members and the magazine’s international distribution!), Pattern & RADC are excited to announce our first foray into retail. Sure, it sounds (and kinda is) crazy, but Pattern wouldn’t exist if we didn’t act on some of our wildest ideas. That germinal idealism has become a platform that combines our hopes with actually-occurring change. This newest manifestation of Pattern’s holistic vision is as concrete as it gets: In addition to hosting regular meetups and producing our biannual fashion magazine, we’re setting up shop on Mass Ave. A brick & mortar fashion lab.

Stay tuned for more details!

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