Color Theories: A Willyum Photography Collection

Photos by Madi Scarpone

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ocal photographer and creative, Willyum Baulkey, is debuting his colorful eye and distinctive talents with his new project, Color Theories. Drawing inspiration from every color of the spectrum while giving back to the Indy LGBTQ+ community, Willyum shares the details behind his art form and fashion expertise, as well as the story behind his new exhibit at The Hatch.

Khaila King: Congratulations on your new exhibit! Tell me more about yourself and your art form.
Willyum Baulkey: I’m Willyum Baulkey, a local photographer specializing in fashion and portrait photography. I try to have a creative spin on what I do. Photography is my main medium, as I have a bachelor’s degree in photography. I like to dabble in other forms of creative expression such as set design and styling for some of my shoots, but it all comes back to photography and the finished concept. I guess I like to have a, “hands on” approach to my photo shoots.

KK: How long did it take to put Color Theories together and what was the creative process like?
WB: Color Theories actually began about two years ago with the first shoots of this series. Red is my favorite color and I wanted to do a shoot based around that color. Another shoot soon thereafter I based completely on the color white, white makeup, accessories, etc. The thought then was to do each color of the spectrum. The idea of having

a exhibit for these wasn’t even a thought until Pride 2019 began approaching.

KK: What was your main source of inspiration for Color Theories?
Well, the obvious main source of inspiration was the rainbow itself. After that it was using the colors through each of the separate photo shoots in a way that highlighted the color but also showed the color with its complementary and, or, analogous color.

KK: What is the goal of this exhibit?
WB: The goal besides hopefully putting on a good show featuring the work of seven different talented makeup artists and hairstylists is to showcase a pride themed color infused exhibit that also contributes back to the community. Proceeds from sales will be going to Indy Pride here in Indianapolis.

KK: What distinguishes Color Theories from any other project you have put together or worked on?
For the past few photography exhibitions I have worked with one solid team for each of the shoots and ultimately the shows. For this, focusing on each color, I liked the fact that many different creatives in the fashion scene were able to show their talents as well to help with the individuality of each color of the spectrum.

KK: How has the Indiana or Indianapolis art scene shaped or impacted your artistry?
WB: The opportunities I have been fortunate enough to have in Indianapolis and the people that I have been able to work with both in front and behind the camera has definitely impacted my art.

KK: What are you looking forward to during pride month this year?
WB: A lot! Other than the exhibit, I’m looking forward to the festival on Saturday and mostly to be able to be with my friends and members of the community and just celebrate. Celebrating who we are individually, but part of a bigger picture just like each color of the spectrum.

The show first opened Tuesday June 4, however, the exhibit will be available to the public Thursday and Friday from 9 am to 4 pm, as well as, Monday June 10 from 9 am to 4 pm at The Hatch. You can keep up with Willyum on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook or visit his website.

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