Circle City Street Style vol. 16

Name: Lee Eisenbarth

Occupation: Designer and Pacers G2 Zone Member

Age: 23

Describe your style: Urban wannabe hipster

Tell me about your outfit: I like to buy clothing staples. I’m pretty picky and I like to buy neutrals, high quality items that can be worn with anything.

Are you a Circle City Native? I was born in South Bend and moved to a suburb of Indianapolis at a young age. I was raised a suburbanite, so coming into the city was a chore. In the past few years I have become more introduced to the city from working downtown. I love it.

Where is one of your favorite places to buy clothes? James Dant.

It’s a weekday night, where are you? Hanging late at work drinking a beer or grabbing some dinner at La Revolucion or Rook.

Most exciting thing happening in Indianapolis right now? General friendliness. You frequently bump into familiar faces in the street. It’s a great midwestern city and I love it.

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