Circle City Street Style vol. 15

Name: Jonathan Frey

Dev: Are you native to the 317?

Jonathan:  I was born and raised in Indianapolis.  I went to school out East and then came back to Indianapolis.

Dev: What helps puts these swanky clothes on your back?
Jonathan: I run a media production company of photography and film.

Dev: Who or what influences your personal sense of style?
Jonathan: I don’t have many influences per se.  Rather I gravitate towards clothes that, to me, are timeless.

Dev: That’s a pretty fancy bag you’ve got there. What’s in it?

Jonathan: I carry in it my notes from the day and my computer – essentials to my work day.


Dev: Is there a fashion trend you’re ready to personally exterminate?
Jonathan: None that I’m aware of.  The fun thing about trends is that they kill themselves eventually.

Dev: Do you have a non local media artist in the fashion industry that you admire?
Jonathan: I really am not up-to-date with the fashion world. I really like Joey Lawrence as a photographer. And, cliché as it sounds, I really enjoy the work of Terrence Malick.


Dev: What’s your go-to garb when you’re running late?
Jonathan: Unfortunately, I really don’t have a go-to. I purposely try to mix it up no matter what.

Dev: Where are some of your favorite places to purchase clothing?
Jonathan: I really like Mr. Porter.  It’s an online store with designers from all of the world.  It’s a great hub.

Dev: Bored at 7pm on a Tuesday… And Go!
Jonathan: I’m probably walking the streets or in my office writing.


Dev: Would you consider Indianapolis a fashion-forward city?
Jonathan: No, unfortunately, it’s not a very fashion-forward city. There’s always room to grow!

Dev: What do you love most about our Circle City?
Jonathan: I love the people.  The people are what make this city special.

Dev: How can we find you?
Jonathan: People can usually find me at the Libertine.

Jonathan Frey
Jonathan Frey

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