Chromatic Collective Hosts “Off The Wall” for First Friday

Chromatic Collective owners Erica Parker and Rafael Caro will reopen their doors celebrating the gallery’s one year anniversary with an exhibition entitled “Off The Wall” on Friday, April 1st. The event is free and encourages all-ages. Doors open at 6 p.m., toast is at 7 p.m., and live music begins at 9 p.m.

Chromatic Collective is an art gallery that Parker and Caro opened to provide community and the idea that art is essential. In addition to the gallery, they sell niche art supplies such as professional aerosol paint, paint markers, brush pens, and respirator masks. Recently, due to high demand among their customers, block printing materials have been made available as well. Recent renovations have allowed Parker and Caro to expand on their vision of providing a space for like-minded artists and creating a welcoming and thriving community.

The newly renovated and expanded back room is dedicated to the Chromatic Collective art gallery. Parker says the idea of “Off The Wall” is to showcase the juxtaposition of gallery standards and what it looks like to be a free artist. Chromatic Collective caters to many artists that use spray paint, so sticking to the canvas may feel too constraining. In another art gallery they’d have to make their art on canvas only, at “Off The Wall” they can use the surrounding space on the gallery walls. The show will feature the work of Parker and Caro, as well as guest artists. The canvases will be available for purchase, and come with a photograph of the entire piece.

To learn more about Chromatic Collective and stay up to date on events, check out their website and Instagram.

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