Celebrating 8 Years of 8Fifteen

It’s been eight years since Erin Welch changed the fashion landscape in Indianapolis with her 8Fifteen boutique. We recently chatted with Erin about the keys to her success and what inspires her.  

Fashion can be a fickle business, what do you think keeps people coming back to your store?
I think people keep coming back because I try and do my due diligence to provide Indiana women with new up-and-coming amazing designers and lines that are not over-saturated.

How has Indy style evolved since you first opened?
I think Indy style is still evolving and there are so many more options for dressing. I try to be 10 steps ahead. The bigger cities I feel are quicker to try new things and we are a little behind, but that’s why I will bring in things to introduce the Indy clients to new and evolving trends and designers.

What do you do to keep things fresh, both in the store and with your own personal style?
I like to stay on trend and dress for myself. I am always willing to try new things. I like to keep the store fresh by flipping the merchandise constantly and changing the mannequins often. Social media is a big thing for us. Keeping people in tune with what we get in daily is HUGE!!! We sell out of things when we post on Instagram and Facebook. It’s a great tool for today!! I am looking forward to everything I bring into the store. I buy based on what I would want hanging in my closet whether or not it fits my body. That’s how I know I love something. I like to call most everything in the store ‘Wardrobe Builders’. It’s all classic and wearable now and 10 years from now. 

Where do you find style inspiration?
It’s everywhere. Mostly I am so inspired when a client says to me, “I was going through my closet to purge and everything I bought in your store is my go-to.” That, for me, is the biggest inspiration: to continue to find those pieces that won’t get ‘thrown out’.

What’s next for you and the store?
To keep on keeping on for the Indy women and women all over. We have clients all over that we ship to and I want the momentum to keep going. I love what I do; it’s my passion. There hasn’t been a day that I haven’t shown up that I didn’t love walking into those doors. Having a staff that’s on your side and is excited to come into work is gratifying and means the world. I couldn’t do it without such an amazing team past and present.

Photography by Esther Boston.

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