Celebrate the 4th of July in style


Guys! Here are four easy-to-wear items to make sure you are ready to celebrate the 4th of July in Style. No, you don’t have to buy cottonballs to create an “Uncle Sam” beard; The most important thing to remember is to wear the red, white, and blue in celebration.

The items pictured are available at local stores, so there is still time to get your look together before the 4th. (listed at end of post) Follow the four easy steps in creating your own personal look.

Step One: Old Glory

When putting together your look, find the one statement piece. The 4th of July is probably the only day where wearing the American flag is stylist approved. A graphic of some kind is normally the easiest place to start. Urban Outfitters has a flag tank top. Now I don’t normally encourage wearing tanks unless you meet a list of qualifications, but since the tank will be layered it is pretty safe to say go get one. A great vintage Americana graphic T would also work. Express what America means to you, that is the beauty of the great US of A.

Step Two: Chambray aka Denim

Find yourself a layering piece from the chambray category. Levi has some pretty cool shirt styles, but to be honest a lot more stores are carrying options for guys. It’s a must in your closet for Summer. Keep it unbuttoned and roll the sleeves up a bit for a summer chill look.

Step Three: Shorter Shorts

Guys I am not talking booty shorts for dudes so hear me out. The length of shorts have been getting shorter. Embrace it already, based on the Milan and Paris Spring 2013 collections it is all about short shorts. Find yourself a flat front cotton short in a light brown to sand color. Wearing a neutral short will hide those beer spill stains, but will also create a neutral backdrop to your “Step One” piece. A lot of the summer has all been about colored shorts, but a neutral is always a summer standard. If your short is a little long cuff the bottom of them for a cool urban look. Just make sure the length doesn’t go past your knee.

Step Four: Colored Kicks

The last step in creating your individual 4th of July style is to wear the right shoes. There are many shoe options but I really like Aldo’s selections of colored shoes for guys. Ditch your old Nikes and find a casual shoe that has some color. A navy shoe is a good choice purely because the Navy color will be seen a lot for the next couple of seasons. For those street style advanced, go for a red shoe. The shoe should be about ankle or lower, and resist the urge to show any part of the sock. Throw some powder in your shoe and go with no socks.

So there you have it. Share your 4th of July looks, ladies and gentlemen, by  tweeting your pictures to @Patternindy – and have a safe and fun 4th of July no matter how you are celebrating.

Chambray Shirt – Levi’s
USA Tank – Urban Outfitters
Levi’s Short – Urban Outfitters
Shoe – Aldo 

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