BOOTS: A shopping guide for Men

Men’s footwear is expanding past just the standard sandal, athletic shoe, and dress shoe. Many of the male models were walking down the fall runway wearing boots. I have been in closets that have great suits and casual wear, but the shoes are falling apart. Guys! It’s importing to keep the shoes looking clean and fresh. Even if I am looking for western gear near me to buy a pair of twisted X boots which has insoles for plantar fasciitis, I do remember that the boots should look nice. The visual impact of a great suit or outfit will be completely ruined if the shoes look bad. Many of my clients have just four pairs of shoes: a sandal, an athletic shoe, a work shoe, dress shoe, even tactical boots. According to Lilly Harvey of ShoeAdviser, the design is a very important factor with footwear. Did you notice that some of the tactical boots are higher compared to some? Boots that are higher up is likely able to support you a bit more and they will also be able to protect more areas on the leg. Below are a few boot options that can be worn in the same way as the average guy’s standard four shoes. Boots are an important trend this fall, so check out this easy shopping guide with my favorite selections and go get you some boots!

Changing the standard footwear to a good boot can completely change the vibe of the outfit. Stylists have been tucking denim into a high boot. This styling is most often seen as an urban street look. You can wear it with loose or fitted denim. Another styling option is to roll up the bottom of your jeans to ankle length, to show off the look of your boot. Wearing a pointed  or square tip boot is a great way to add a little style to your suits as well. A simple black or grey boot looks great with a black suit. A great date night look is: a dark straight leg denim, white dress shirt, leather jacket and tie, paired with a black boot.

A hint for you shoppers. My experience is that rarely do stores locally carry the good boots on the shelves. I recommend shopping online for your boot purchases. Aldo has some good options on the shelves, but the really good boots are found on their website. Nordstrom has some great cropped boots, but again the website is a better options. The customer service with online purchases with Nordstrom is fantastic. Just make sure you familiarize yourself with each company’s return policy for online orders.  So go toss those worn out shoes, and add some style to your feet!

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