Boomerang Boutique Owner Living a Lifelong Dream

You’ve probably seen the one liner slogan of “Dream” splashed onto every product from t-shirts to coffee mugs. It’s a phrase that seems innocent enough; dream big, right? Have a glittering goal in mind. But Felicia Kiesel of Boomerang BTQ thinks the world should stop all the dreaming nonsense and start actually living. After all if she hadn’t done just that, her little store nestled on Mass Ave. would be nonexistent.

Felicia is one of those rare go-getters. One day she was sitting in a cubicle working process management for an accounting firm and the next she was stocking the shelves of her very own boutique.

“I was studying elementary education at IUPUI but I ended up dropping out,” says Felicia. “I guess you can say I had boutique on the brain. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.”

Although she didn’t go straight to starting her own store, she was constantly compiling ideas, looking for potential merchandise and finding the focus for her dream. Finally fate took over, and a friend called with news of an open lease on Mass Ave.

“The timing was just perfect,” says Felicia. “My friend actually had no idea I had just registered the name for the store to kind of get things rolling, but she called to tell me her space was available because she knew I’d always been interested in opening a store.”

So Felicia jumped right into a storefront, ready to take on what she had been dreaming and start the living. The result is a darling boutique bursting with color and a definite retro feel. She seamlessly mixes vintage and contemporary items in both apparel and home goods for an all around trendy lifestyle. Along with merchandise from local designers and her own line of urban girly tees, the shop is filled with items hand picked from places around the Midwest, New York and Los Angeles.

“I like to find things that are very trendy and different, things that you wouldn’t normally see in Indiana,” says Felicia. “Be bold! Have fun with fashion. It has no rules. Just wear what you love.”

Boomerang strives to cater to all women by incorporating diversity in race and size in ads and with the merchandise carried in store. It’s certainly refreshing to see when scrolling through the product line on the website or sifting through the racks of the store.

“Being a plus size girl myself, I want to cater to the plus size as well,” says Felicia. “No matter what size or race you are, fashion is for everybody. I really want to portray that.”

Felicia’s goal is to make people feel happy and pretty by offering beautiful products at affordable price points. She’s constantly beaming from behind her little counter, clearly grateful for what she has and proud of all she’s accomplished. She is constantly thinking of the future — a bigger space, hardwood floors, chandeliers, a mobile boutique or trunk show — but is content with her leap of faith from desk to sales floor.

Boomerang BTQ is coming up on its one-year anniversary, where she plans to throw a big party in celebration. It just shows that a dash of Felicia’s quit dreaming, start living philosophy, a solid idea and a lot of ambition can lead to the success you’ve been dreaming of.

Photo Credit: Vanessa Soto

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