Bold Women Wear Hats

Who doesn’t love a good Vintage Vogue cover? Our graphic design fellow, Claire Bowles, and photography intern, Chantal Dominique, were so inspired by the timeless portraits and fashion that they started daydreaming of what a vintage PATTERN Magazine cover would look like. They collaborated with The Mad Hatter of Indy, Jodie Bailey, to create four time period head pieces and the “Bold Women Wear Hats” project was born.

Step back in time with these beautiful vintage PATTERN covers.

1920’s Toque Hat

The 1920s is a period of firsts. The Toque hat accompanies the ‘20s woman to her first voting poll, her first time in college and her first job interview. This specific hat has muted colors, yet still shimmers. It is quite symbolic of the 1920s woman; Her colors have been muted in years past, but this new wave of change lets her true colors shine.


1930’s Cloche Hat

The 1930’s woman continues to advocate for her rights. She is crafty, often working with her hands and finding other means to provide, due to the shortages that come with The Great Depression. The Cloche hat is a popular style for its versatility – she can leave it plain, add ribbon or feathers, or go all-out and embellish it entirely. 

1940s Garrison Hat

The Garrison Hat is worn by a decade of Rosie the Riveters, those of which are rising up and getting their hands dirty for the sake of the wartime workforce. This hat is tailored and sturdy, a perfect representation of the 1940s woman.

1960s Pioneer Hat

Transformational change occurs in the 1960s. The 1960s woman has a new purpose — one that is found outside of the home. She is passionate about her rights and smart when it comes to making change. The Pioneer Hat is large enough to hold her huge dreams and acts as a powerful representation of the impact she truly has.

Photography by Chantal Dominique
Styling and Makeup by Michelle Steele
Hair by Sami Barry
Hats by Jodie Bailey
Graphic Design by Claire Bowles
Models: Carolyn, Sam, Autumn and Arion of Helen Wells Agency

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