Ben Diallo: J. Benzal

For owner and designer of J.Benzal Menswear, Ben Diallo, style is a language he speaks fluently. “I’m able to help men find their own sense of style” says Diallo whose private label store elegantly caters to well dressed men of Indianapolis. Diallo says he’s glad J.Benzal attracts well dressed clients who have a good sense of their own style. Being able to serve the needs of a wide range of clients also makes Diallo glad he can help others find what they need to complement their personal style.

Since opening in 2009, J.Benzal has offered its tailored suits, crisp dress shirts, vibrant ties, and polished cufflinks to its sharply dressed clients looking to polish their wardrobe at its Mass Ave and Carmel City Center locations. Diallo wanted to design a line that was all his own, “I started J.Benzal because I wasn’t finding menswear that reflected my personal style.” “Either the fit wasn’t right or the items just weren’t personalized to appeal to me as a customer.” J.Benzal is known for their fit.” For Diallo, “Fit is paramount.” He adds, “Many of my clients have told me that they’ve never bought a suit off the rack that truly suited them and once we tailor fit their suit they’re amazed by how good they look.” J.Benzal’s signature European fit is a more tailored look and also offers clients complimentary tailoring services for a client’s suit by their in house tailor. “Every suit you buy from J.Benzal will fit like a custom suit.” Diallo says he likes persuading clients to wear a smaller size for a more tailored look that better compliments their frame. “Sometimes we have to encourage clients to step outside their normal to improve a look.” Diallo builds trust with each of his clients with successful results. “If I can get them to trust me enough to just try it, they’re often amazed by how good they look.” J.Benzal’s tailoring is complimented by the wide array of colorful selections. “We tend to embrace color at J.Benzal and we’ve seen a lot color this season.” Diallo suggests pairing color with a darker anchor is the secret to a fashionable ensemble. The summer season at J.Benzal has brought out classics as summer chinos that have been really popular.

Diallo designs with an initial eye toward a classic style, but adds subtle details to make each piece unique. Adding a contrast color piping along the pocket line or patterned lining on the backside of a solid creates a unique J.Benzal piece. Diallo says, “the details make our J.Benzal chinos more than your average khaki pant.” New arrivals in addition to colorful summertime ensembles at J.Benzal include the introduction of a shoe line. “The shoe collection has been a dream of mine for a long time.” J.Benzal introduced their first shoe collection in April. Style and functionality work together in the design of J.Benzal’s new shoe line. “We really worked to design a shoe that was beautiful but also extremely comfortable.” Diallo is proud to offer clients the chance to wear J.Benzal from head to toe—literally.

For those clients looking to improve their look, Diallo suggests including these classic pieces, “a well-fitted navy suit, a sport coat that can dress up a more casual look, and a good pair of shoes.” Diallo points out that details matter. “A well placed pocket square or cuff link can easily take a look from good to great.” Clients visiting J.Benzal for the first time will find the award-winning store an ideal place to improve their unique sense of style.

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