Behind-the-Scenes on InLightIn Photoshoot

Last Thursday, a bunch of us crammed into Esther Boston’s studio to capture sixteen beautiful designs created by Indy’s best known designers for a very special event at the end of August. What a day!  Coordination was crazy to get all the pieces of a fashion puzzle to come together but the outcome was a really fun, and productive, photo shoot with some of the best people in the city.  

Designers, Catherine Fritsch, Angel Olivera, Barbara Riordan, Daniela Upshaw, Nikki Blaine, Nataliya Kitic, Yemisi Sanni, and Sarah LaLonde have been working on incredible couture pieces for the INlightIN festival celebrating the Central Indiana Community Foundation’s (CICF) 100th year. Every design was created to fit the beautiful models of LModelz who each designer personally selected to fit their brand.  The designers, then, created one to three pieces catering to their individual aesthetic – the one twist, it had to light up!  

The task of shooting these pieces was a bit tricky due to the fact that we needed to capture the essence of the piece while showing that it lights up – but you can’t shoot in the dark right? But we did and it was amazing!!!  With Esther Boston behind the lens we knew we were in good hands.  

The designers arrived in different time slots throughout the day.  With each arrival we could hardly contain ourselves with the unveiling of each piece – at times there were screams, running, and a lot of jumping.  Knowing each of these designers, you could tell which design was theirs specifically without checking the tag because the statement of who they are as a designer came out so clearly with every piece. To see the finished product on stage, on the model and with hair and make-up done was the best satisfaction in the world.  

We finished the shoot at 3:59pm and I’m saying this because, in fashion, this never happens!!!  Our end time was to be around 4:00pm so we actually finished ahead of schedule and this was due to the professionalism of the photographer and team of designers, hairstylists (Carrie Fagan & Kelly Lockhart – La Dolce Salon & Jessica Williams – Independent Stylist), make-up artists (Keondra Atwater & Becky Naylor for Faces by Kathy Moberly), interns and others who made the day go extremely smooth.

Images by Jacob Click.

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